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Date Night Tips for Parents

August 21, 2014

Find a great place to make you excited and stick to it: Squaremeal makes it super easy for you to find an amazing place in your local area! On their website – which just had a gorgeous revamp by the way – you can find restaurants local to you, a description about them, the menus as well as make your online booking! They also have restaurant gift vouchers, so to make you accountable for date nights you could ask family and friends to buy you vouchers as birthday or Christmas presents!

 Eat grown-up food together. Once your kids are asleep, you are probably very hungry. You might be tempted to eat the crusts of their sandwiches while you wait for your own dinner. Do not do this. Instead, have a big glass of water (or wine) and wait to savor something you wouldn’t normally enjoy with your kids.My husband and I did this recently and we couldn’t get over the fact that we were able to have an uninterrupted conversation. Or don’t talk. Just enjoy your food together and take in the precious silence.

Swap babysitting duties with other Mum Friends: Babysitters are not cheap but it also gives a lot of us mums “stranger danger” anxiety at the thought of finding and meeting someone new to come and look after the kids. No one wants anxiety on date night. A great idea is to strike up a deal with your best mum friend of asking her to babysit your kids for a couple hours and then returning the favour so that she can have some R&R time. Its free and it means you are leaving your kids with someone that you know which is an easier transtion for you and them.

Feel young again. Laugh. The best way to not miss the kids you left behind is to act like them (tantrums notwithstanding). Buying tickets to a local air guitar competition, on a whim, turned into one of our top dates this year. I had no idea strumming invisible strings was a competitive sport — and no one else in the room had to know we were faking being fanatics (and fake we did). Also in this category: comedy shows, sporting events and hitting the trampoline park without the kids.

Consider the day date. If you have semi-flexible work schedules or a long lunch break, this can be a great way to squeeze in a date. Meet your spouse at the picnic tables behind the office with a sack lunch and catch some vitamin D while catching up.

Don’t talk about it. Finances, schedules or disciplinary tactics — or any other subjects that raise your parental blood pressure — are off the table. On these rare date nights, discuss your actual children sparingly, too. Instead, talk about the highlight of your week and your plans for the future.

After all, dating is still about getting to know someone. And there’s no one more worthy of that effort than the one you loved before having kids (and hopefully still do).

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