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Current Toddler Favourites

November 11, 2017


Ramp Racer: This is one of the best value baby toys, Rory is obsessed. He carries around the little cars with the protection a cat would have over her kittens (we are actually two cars down so he does need to work on that!) He got this when he was ten months old and I’ve always been really impressed that after watching me do it a couple times, he took to it straight away.  Rory’s specifically is from Lidl last year, so I am currently on the lookout for a new one because I don’t want to see his face when those last cars get lost. I really like this one because it has a stop at the end (they travel pretty far you know!) but this one is fantastic value.

Tommee Tippee Nipper Gripper Bottle: Rory will take juice from pretty much any beaker or sippy cup but it can be minimal amounts. As I have started to drop one of his milk feeds in order to get him to eat more (he barely eats at lunch and is currently on three bottles a day) I am more conscious that he does need to stay hydrated. I used to give him his juice in his normal bottles but he stopped taking to that recently so I thought I’d give this a try instead. I know people like for their sippy cups to be different to bottles but id rather know he’s getting fluids in him so if you find your little one doesn’t drink much from sippy cups, give this a try! It’s a great transition bottle for when you start to wean and reasonably inexpensive, I got mine from Tesco but they’re a good price in Superdrug.

Dear Zoo: There are so many products recently that are making it too real that we are out of the baby stage and into toddlerhood, this is definitely one of them! I started reading Dear Zoo the other day and Rory all of a sudden was lifting the flaps and turning the pages! I love the simple story and really like that it doesn’t have too much going on with the illustrations. I am trying to “show” Rory different things with a word association so I like that this just has an elephant or a lion on the page so it’s clear what I’m trying to show him.

Touch & Feel Books: He isn’t as excited by these as he is by lift the flap books, but it is another great interactive bedtime book. The ones we have at the moment are from when he was 6 Months so are pretty basic so I want to look at the “that’s not my…” range.

Ball Bit: This kid LOVES balls. He’s had some ball pit balls for ages and is so into chasing them round the house we decided to get a ball pit for his birthday. His favourite game is to sit by it and throw them out of the ball pit (it’s not my favourite game…) so we find balls everywhere! I was quite impressed with how inexpensive it was from Argos, considering I think he’ll play with it for a good few years! You can also find some great voucher codes for Argos at this time of year.

Bead Maze: I picked one of these up from a charity shop (but it’s originally from Ikea) and it is amazing for keeping him amused while I get ready in the mornings. He is obsessed with cogs and things that he can spin so this fits the bill nicely. Amazon have a great selection in different sizes.

Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience DVD: This child has been into Peppa Pig for as long as I can remember but lets all face facts here, it gets a little relentless for us parents. ENTER A WHOLE NEW SERIES. You know your life is pretty dull when that’s exciting to you, but it IS exciting! This season peppered with a little bit of adult humour for us to enjoy and they seem to of upped their saturation making it even more hypnotic and engaging for Rory!

Makeup Brushes: Specifically Real Techniques ones (the boy has great taste) I have had to surrender my powder and blusher brushes now as he’s so attached to them, he’s also dragged them through mud, thrown them in the toilet and given his toasted bagel a good fluff with them so I don’t feel they’re suitable for my face anymore. This is one of the first times I’ve noticed people really put gender stereotypes on him. He carries the make up brushes with him everywhere and people will come up to him and make comments such as “you want to get that out of him while hes still young” – its really shocked me! Firstly he’s a baby with no idea what the product is, but secondly if he were to grow up and be into make up I would be delighted.

Wooden Kitchen: This is another toy that Rory has hijacked. It actually belongs to his older half brother (we’ve had it for three years and its so sturdy!) but Rory loves it. I recently read on the Wonder Weeks that he will appreciate role play at this age and he seems to enjoy being a grown up baby with his kitchen. Obviously he doesn’t really get the ins and outs of it at the moment but he likes opening and closing the doors, hiding things in the cupboards and using the utensils. I wanted to talk about this one as Christmas is coming up so places like Aldi & Lidl have great offers on them so they could make a great present!


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