Current everyday pregnancy struggles!

Everyday Pregnancy Problems: 
  • If a task involves bending down there is genuinely an argument in your head as to whether or not it’s worth it.
  • Shaving is probably one of my biggest challenges at the moment. For a while I just gave up doing anything that wasn’t in sight or in reach, but then I remembered… hair removal cream! I am back to feeling like a groomed woman again and not some pre historic figure. 
  • Being concerned that your budding new kick boxer baby is going to crack one of your ribs… settle down in there please!
  • A sudden burning desire to satisfy whatever craving strikes. Sunday night I was watching Friday Night Dinner and they talked about crumble… somehow in my head this made me have some tenuous link to tiramisu (it went a bit like this “ooh crumble, I like crumble… what other deserts do I like? Syrup sponge, tiramisu… oooh tiramisu”) anyway so we then had to drive to Tesco Express at 7pm (we also had to get dressed) to pick up some tiramisu.
  • Lying in bed at night having to decide whether your need to pee outweighs how long it took you to get comfortable.
What have been your pregnancy struggles?