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Creating The Perfect Garden On A Budget

December 1, 2014

Gardening is good for us, fact! We should all be getting outdoors and spending time in our garden. It might be autumn and the days might be shorter, but that shouldn’t be stopping us from picking up our spades and digging for Britain in our gardens. I am obsessed with my garden, and this autumn I have big plans for my outdoor space, it really is part of my “feel good” mantra. Any mum will know that being a parent is amazing but it can also be stressful at times. Gardening is the perfect stress relief. It can lift your mood, and is also a very good workout. Who needs to go to the gym when we can get our workout in the garden. However, gardening can be expensive. If we aren’t careful we can find that we have spent thousands of pounds on our garden. We want the garden of our dreams, but we also want to make sure that it doesn’t break the bank! How can we create the perfect garden on a budget?

Sow Your Seeds

When we are starting out we need to make sure that we don’t carried away. When it comes to seeds we should be thinking that less is more. We can always add to them the following year if we want to. Buying seeds is far cheaper than buying a plant. If we are planning on growing seeds then we may want to invest in a greenhouse. Halls popular greenhouses have a great range of greenhouses and there is a greenhouse for every budget. A greenhouse in your garden will mean that you can sow your seeds, grow vegetables and plants all year round. This means that long term it is a great investment for your garden and should help you save money in the future.

Start Snipping

Does your mum have a plant in her garden that you love? Does your friend have a gorgeous garden and are you suffering from serious plant envy? Don’t  worry because you can now have their plants. I’m not suggest you smuggle their plants out their garden and into yours! Instead ask if you can take a snip of your favourite plant. You can find more information on plant cuttings on the Canna website.

Go Small

Buying small plants will save you money and fill your flowerbeds quickly. Buying smaller plants is far cheaper than buying big.

Buy Reduced Plants

Buying reduced plants is also another great way of saving money. B&Q will often have a trolley of reduced plants. Pick your plants carefully though. You should only buy them if you think that you will be able to save them. The reduced plants are often on their last legs, so to speak! Check that the plant will be happy in your garden. Read the instructions and see what type of soil and sunlight that it needs. It’s no good buying a plant that needs a sunny garden if you have a north facing garden.

Collect Water

During the summer months we can spend a lot of money watering our garden. Get a water butt and start collecting your water instead. This will help you save a lot of money!

It really is possible for you to create the garden of your dreams without breaking the bank! Unleash your green-fingers and get gardening.


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