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Creating a Home That Is Easy to Clean

December 13, 2014

Nobody really likes cleaning their homes, right? Well, this necessity of life can be made a whole lot easier without hiring cleaning help or employing a housekeeper. Yes, it can be made easier by creating a home whose characteristics make it easy to clean. To see just how to create such a house, make sure read on.

Buy a small house

The first thing that you should do in such an endeavour is buy and move into a small house. Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? If you don’t want to do a lot of cleaning, then don’t move into a big house! And, if you’re worried about how livable such a small place can be, then don’t worry because there always going to be ways to induce livability in even the smallest of spaces.

Think about the floors

The floors in your home are going to be the thing that become the most dirty within it, so that’s why you need to think about them. First of all, you should think about what material you choose to lay them with; a good choice is polished concrete floors. What with its nonporous seal and little seams, this kind of concrete is an absolute breeze to sweep and mop and can be done so with ease. What’s more, this kind of floor is now becoming more and more in fashion! But, you will only be able to keep it looking fashionable by ensuring that you maintain its clean standards. And that brings us on to our next point: to clean concrete floor you should give it a mop every so often or when you know it has become specifically dirty. See, it’s as easy as that!

This kind of flooring is probably best suited to the kitchen.

Have central vacuum systems installed

A central vacuum system is a power unit that is permanently installed within a room of storage, such as a basement, alongside a collection contained. And, what this system does once fitted is actually quite remarkable: because of all its inlets that are installed throughout the walls in your home that are themselves attached to powerful hoses, it is able to suck up particles of dust and small debris by itself. So, this will mean not as much vacuuming would be needed on your part!

Think about the walls

Like your floors, your walls are also quite likely to succumb to dirt and messiness. But, you can fight such mess and make it easy to clean by having your walls covered in vinyl coverings. By doing so you will be able to wipe your walls down with an ease you’re likely to have never experienced before. And, if you think that vinyl doesn’t look very good or fashionable, then think again because vinyl can now come in styles that directly mimics silk, linen and more. What’s more, vinyl is extremely affordable!

So, there you have it, you can create a home that is easy to clean. But, of course, it is not a good idea to just take the advice above and make all these changes to your home and to then forget one very big and important factor: to do the cleaning. Yes, you can make a home easy to clean, but you can’t yet make it self cleaning (even when you have a central vacuum system installed). So, make sure you don’t throw the mop away just yet!

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