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Coping With A Dip In Your Mental State

June 11, 2014

Everybody experiences ups and downs when it comes to their mental state. You can’t be permanently happy. And, from an optimistic perspective, you can’t be permanently unhappy either. But there’s a difference between having a bad day and noticing that your overall mental state has dipped recently. Perhaps you’re feeling a little more stressed or anxious than usual. It could be the result of a busy period at work, or you might simply have let your health slip. In this article, we’re going to talk about possible reasons for mental health issues and positive changes you could make.

Live healthily.

Your physical health and mental health are closely linked. If you’ve experienced a dip in your mental state recently then you might want to consider the possibility that it’s a result of poor physical health. If you’ve been eating badly or failing to exercise then both of these things could be resulting in depression, stress, or even anxiety. Getting the nutrition your body needs will improve your mental health, and exercising will release endorphins in your brain that create a more positive mental state. As mentioned before, regular exercise is the key to maintaining healthiness. If you start living healthily, you might notice that your mental state improves again. Bin the junk food, and get off your sofa from time to time.

Think about recent changes in your life.

For many people, mental health issues stick with them throughout their life. For others, however, a sudden dip in your mental state might come as the result of a change in your life. Perhaps a relationship or a friendship suddenly came to an end, or perhaps you lost your job. Even the smallest negative change can have a massive effect on your mental state, triggering depression or stress.

Of course, some unexpected events are more serious than others. Perhaps you know someone who recently passed away. We’ve all dealt with that at some point. But it can be hard to accept loss, whether it’s a distant relative or someone you knew well. Closure is the only way to move through the negative feelings that come with the grieving process. You should visit if you’re looking for headstones and other commemorative pieces to honour the person appropriately. Once you’ve come to terms with a negative event, it’s much easier to move forward and start the healing process.

See your friends and family.

Many of us are lonely in this modern society, so it’s easy to see why mental health issues affect such a high number of people. You might be experiencing a dip in your mental state because you haven’t been seeing your friends and family much recently. It’s important not to isolate yourself. We all like a little alone time, but socialising is crucial to maintaining an active and happy mind. As explained over at, you need to make time for the people you love. If you don’t have time to see people all the time then Skype them or call them. Make sure you arrange the next meet-up too; it’ll make you feel happier if you’re always looking forward to a certain date.

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