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Coddling Your Aches And Pains At Your Most Sensitive Time

December 1, 2014

Pregnancy is something that either is daunting or a dawning process. It’s when you suddenly realise the awesome power of your body to not only create and form another human being but to keep you healthy while this happens. Yes, you’re going to feel sapped of energy, a bit queasy and sometimes in a lot of chronic pain. This is why you should be planning to stay comfortable just as much as you’re planning on making your baby comfortable when he or she is born. A grumpy mother to be is not something that’s going to stay attractive for very long, and we all know that. You deserve the same care and attention you’re giving the rest of your family, especially while carrying a baby. Aches and pains shouldn’t be allowed to set in, and you should fight them off with a simple few ideas.

Cushions galore

As the baby progresses through each stage of development in your whom, he or she will get heavier and heavier to carry around. As most of the fat in our bodies is stored around the abdominal region and lower body, this means your centre of gravity is nearer your midsection. You’ll start to feel a dull aching pain in your pelvic region whenever you sit down, especially during the last three months of pregnancy. Think about buying small cushions for your bottom so that when you sit down, in the car, on a sofa, or simply in a hospital waiting room you’re not in discomfort. These small cushions can be carried in your bag, and thankfully they don’t weigh very much.

A million hands

Sleeping is going to be one of the most uncomfortable parts of the pregnancy. It’s not recommended you sleep on your sides and this pushes the baby up to one side, potentially stunting growth. So the only other option is to sleep lying on your back. However, the weight of the baby will push down on your lumbar spine, creating an unnatural bend in your spine. To counteract this, consider buying a support that feels like a million hands holding you up. The best memory foam mattress will spread its resistance evenly, and unlike spring mattresses won’t harbour tension in the heaviest spots. It has a design that offers 2-way castellation with enhanced pressure relief and has a blend of heat sensitive and visco-elastic foam.

Neck support

Every part of our body is connected. Thus unproportioned weight will have an affect on another part of the body. Many mothers feel their back being strained the further on in the pregnancy, but what is often overlooked is the neck area. The body tries to compensate for this imbalance by stiffening the neck muscles leading to pent-up tension. When sitting down or even standing, you’d be surprised at how much a simple neck pillow will alleviate the pain. Simply rest your head back and allow your muscle to go back to a relaxed state.

Aches and pains are part and parcel of pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean they should be tolerated. In this day and age, there are ways around the usual sensitivities that make everyday life uncomfortable for awaiting mothers, so take advantage of them.


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