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Clever Gadgets You Don’t Need, But Definitely Want

January 13, 2015

Sometimes you will be innocently scrolling through Facebook or an online shopping site and something will catch your eye. It could be that you have seen a pizza slice shaped like a bicycle, or a water bottle which looks like ice. There are so many cleverly designed products out there which will make you look twice and wonder how they thought it up.

When you work in the business industry a huge part of your marketing and sales is down to the design. Whether you come up with some innovative drinks packaging, find a way to customise a product or something else… design has a huge impact on sales. Here are some of the most cleverly designed products we’ve seen in 2017…

  1. Bluesmart — Carry-On Bag

This carry-on suitcase isn’t just any bag, it can be remotely controlled by your phone. Instead of worrying about whether you’ve secured your luggage, simply go into the mobile app and you will be able to lock it from there. It is a huge help to anyone who travels a lot.

  1. Ritot — Projection Watch 

Think about the Apple Watch and how much it has changed the way we look at time. The Ritot watch is very similar, and although not strictly a smart watch in the same way as the Apple Watch, you will still be able to see text messages, your emails, weather alerts, Twitter notifications and alerts.

  1. Bunch O Balloons — Water Balloon Filler

This is a clever little toy which will transform any ordinary water fight into a battle. The device holds 37 water balloons which are attached together, as you fill up the whole thing with water, each balloon will seal itself and drop off onto the floor. It means that in the time it takes most to fill 4-5 water balloons, you’ve already got 37 ready to go.

  1. Yolkfish — Egg Separator

Very much like the bottle method of separating the white from the yolk, this little fish makes the job of separating your yolk from the white as easy as pie. And it looks much cooler in your kitchen than a plastic bottle.

  1. Adobe Ink And Slide — Stylus For iPad

If you have an artistic flair but you’ve never really found the right stylus for your work on a tablet device, then this adobe stylus could be a real game changer for your artwork.

  1. Frameworks One — Backlit Frame 

If you want your family memories to look like they are in the hall of fame, this backlit frame is a great way to spruce up a blank wall space and make your art really stand out.

  1. Haiku Fan With SenseME Technology 

Rather than wasting energy and having your fan on every waking minute in the summertime, this fan has a motion sensor which will know when you have left the room and switch off. It’s a great option for office environments.

  1. Vessyl — Smart Cup 

If you are one of those people who likes to know everything you are putting into your body, then this smart cup is the perfect little gadget. No matter what you fill the cup with, it will detect what drink you are have no and will be able to relay the calories you’re ingesting.


*This is a collaborative post

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