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Cleaning Hacks: Keeping Your Windows Clean Year-Round

June 23, 2010

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Washing windows are easily overlooked when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, especially in the summer months. If you want to keep you home looking brand new or you may just be needing an overall summer-clean look, windows are the details to focus on.

Clean windows not only affect the inside aesthetics of your home as well as the curb appeal of your home on the outside. Unless you are looking to hire a local window cleaning company, here are ways to get your window looking spotless and keep it looking that way.

Pick The Right Day To Clean

Picking the right day to clean your windows is imperative to make sure you give your window a good clean. Wait until there is a cloudy day or after the sun has moved away from your window before you begin washing it. This is because the heat of the sun rays will make your cleaning water or cleaner dry too quickly, causing water spots or streaks on your windows that are difficult to clear up.

Clean Off Dirt And Dust

Remove dirt and dust first before you begin to clean your window. If you miss this step, it could create more work for you as the dirt will turn into a muddy mess when mixed with your cleaner. Sweep dirt from the window frame with a brush or vacuum.

If your screen is dirty or looks grimy, pop it out of the window and submerge it in hot, soapy water. Use a soft brush to wash the screen and rinse it. Before popping it back into the window, make sure it completely dry.

Dust your shades and blinds on both sides. Do not forget about your curtains! They collect dust and dirt as well. You can remove dirt and dust from your curtains by putting them in the dryer for 15 minutes on an “air-only” cycle. Make sure you remove them and hang them quickly so you do not have to deal with wrinkles.

Use The Right Cloth

Using the right cloth when cleaning your window is very important. The wrong cloth will leave behind lint and debris instead of giving you the spotless look you may be expecting when cleaning a window. Avoid using old cloths or paper towels for this reason.

The best option is to use a microfiber cloth as they are very absorbent, washable and will leave your window streak-free. If you do not have a microfiber cloth at hand, you could also use newspaper and coffee filters as they do not leave behind lint and debris like some paper towels.

Use The Right Cleaner

The cleaner and the right cloth go together hand in hand. You want to make sure the cleaner you are using is specific to cleaning glass. Once you have picked the right cleaner and you begin cleaning, make sure you spritz the area generously. You need lots of cleaner solution to dissolve and trap the dirt, which will go away completely once you wipe. Make sure you have the mist setting on your spray bottle so as to prevent excessive drips and mess while cleaning.

To Use The Squeegee Or Not

Ultimately, it depends on the type of windows you have. If you have massive, picture windows using a squeegee is a good option. All you have to do is use a dry squeegee and wipe down your window covered in cleaner at a 45-degree angle. Make sure you dry it after each use.

If you have smaller windows or small window panes, this may not be a good option because they can cause a big mess. When deciding to use this method of cleaning, just be prepared to catch your drippings under your window so you are not creating more work for yourself.

Try Cleaning The Outside From Inside

You should be able to tilt your windows inward if you have a modern home. These types of windows, called double-hung windows, make it easier to clean the outside of your windows without you having to use a ladder. If you have casement windows you can open the window all the way, allowing you to reach between the frame and sash for cleaning.

Clean By Room

This can make the task of cleaning your windows in the house less intimidating. Since your windows should only be cleaned once or twice a year, it can be a daunting annual task. Breaking it up allows you to do complete the task in bits and pieces as opposed to a day full of cleaning.

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