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City Living With a Toddler: How to Approach it Successfully

December 13, 2014

When you have a child, it’s only natural to be thinking about them and what’s best for their development. This leads some people to question where they should be living as a family. Is it better to be in the city, the suburbs or a rural location? For many people the answer is the city. But there  are still challenges you’ll face when trying to live in the city with a toddler.

Whether you’re moving to a big city for the first time or you’ve lived in one your entire life, there are some things that can make your life a lot easier. That’s what we’re going to delve into today. Read on if you want to find out about how to approach living in the city with a toddler successfully.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours is definitely a good idea when you’re living in a city and you have a small child. This is especially true if you’re living in an apartment complex and your neighbours are all very close by. Either way, get to know them and if you trust them, ensure your child feels comfortable around them too. It can help to have people close by who know your child and can keep them safe should that ever be necessary. You can never have too many people on your side, so don’t be a stranger to your neighbours if you can help it.

Find the Right Apartment on Lower Floor

If you don’t currently have a home in the city and you’re looking for an apartment, you need to be careful with your decision. Finding new launched condominium could be a wise move. New places tend to be a bit more spacious. You should always prioritise the space that’s on offer over other things, such as furnishing and fittings. It’s also a good idea to look at places that are on lower floors if possible. You don’t want to be right at the top of the building when you have a small child, do you?

Be Careful to Choose a Flexible Stroller

Finding a stroller for your toddler is going to be one of your main challenges, so don’t just assume it’ll be easy because that’s probably not going to be the case, unfortunately. You need to find one that is capable of meeting the demands of the modern city. When you’re moving around with your child, you don’t want the stroller to be taking up too much space on sidewalk. You’ll just frustrate other people trying to walk and get to where they need to be. And you will make your own life more difficult too. Browse the options and select a flexible one.

Get Your Own Garage or Assigned Parking Space

As a parent with a toddler, you probably need to use a car to get around. In this city, this can present some problems for you. Parking can be hard to come by on the road, so you should make sure that you have your own garage or assigned parking space that’s yours and yours alone. This gives you the assurance of knowing you’ll have a place to park near your home, and it gets rid of the stress involved in searching for one. Some apartments come with these things, but you might have to rent them separately.

Learn to Make the Most of the Small Space You Have

Living in the city usually means having to live with a slightly smaller space. That’s just the reality of the situation. So, for the good of your family, you should find creative ways to make the most of the space you have at your disposal. You will need to find storage tricks and make use of back of the door storage racks and nets. These things are great for kids’ toys, so you should try to make the most of them as soon as you can. It will make city living that little bit more manageable for you.

Don’t Hide Your Child Away

Some parents of children living in the city find that they have to go to extraordinary lengths to protect them. And although safety is obviously important, it doesn’t mean that you have to hide your child away from the realities of city living. There is so much culture and other great stuff they can learn from. Explore the city with them and make the most of all the opportunities that come your family’s way. It could be the best thing you ever do as a parent. Wrapping them up in cotton wool is certainly not the way to succeed.

Block Out Excess Noise with the Best Windows

Noise can be an issue when you’re trying to live in the city. And when you have a child to consider as well, this can occasionally become something as a problem for your family. The best way to block out excess noise from entering your home is to have the best thickly glazed windows installed. The thicker, stronger and more high-quality the windows are, the less likely you’ll be to have the noise cause your family problems. It’s best to choose a location that’s not right by the side of a busy road because this will make your noise issues harder to combat.

Be Sure to Have Your Own Washer and Dryer Units

This is a really important point that you should never ignore. There is always a temptation to not have these things in your home when you live in the middle of a big city. After all, you can just go to a laundromat and wash and dry your cities there, right? Well sure, but it’s hardly ideal when you have a child to think about. It’s far better to simply have a washer and dryer unit fitted in your home, even if it’s a tight squeeze. It helps you to avoid so much hassle.

Make the Most of Your City Location

The city is a wonderful place, so make the most of it. Do as much walking as you because this is easy when you live in a concentrated city where everything is within easy walking distance.  It’s also great for your son or daughter because they’ll be getting plenty of exercise, which is always a very good times. You should also make use of any of the public museums in the city because learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom when you live in a big city. Learning is possible at every corner, and you should try to make the most of that each and every day.

Don’t be Seduced by the Promises of the Suburbs

The temptation to give up on your plans to live in the city with your child and just move to the suburbs can be quite strong for some people. But you need to remember all the good things that can come from your child growing up in a city. There are some things that living in the suburbs simply can’t offer you and your family, so try to remember that next time you’re being dazzled by the suburbs and what they have to offer. Of course, every family is different so just do what feels right for yours.

Living in the city can be a great thing, and your child can benefit from it a great deal. That applies to right now and as they get a little older and grow up. Just be sure to make the most of the tips outlined above.

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