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Christmas Home Interior Ideas

December 1, 2014

As Christmas fast approaches, we are all probably starting to see the festive spirit seeping into the stores, with colourful tinsel, baubles and trees appearing all over the high street. Because of this, it makes us all start to think about our homes and how we are going to make it as festive as possible for this Christmas.

Have A Clear Out

Before you begin to deck the halls with wreaths bunting and fairy lights, think about making some room first. You’ll be filling an already full home with decorations throughout December, and on the big day you’ll be getting presents to add to the home and building up a lot of extra rubbish and paper to recycle.

Make some time to clear out anything you no longer use, need or want. You can then either run to the tip, or you can use a rubbish removal company, which you can find out more about if you click here.

Once the home is free of clutter and all of your rubbish has been removed from the home, your home will feel spacious and clean, then you can begin to think about decorations.

Christmas Tree

The tree is the focal point of your Christmas Décor, and will most likely be the first thing you put up. The first decision you will want to make is whether you want to buy a real tree or an artificial one. Artificial trees are great if you want to be able to store it up in the attic and reuse it year after year, however a real tree can’t be beaten. With a real Christmas tree you’ll be able to feel real pines, and bring the smell of Christmas into your home.

The Stairs and Fireplace

These places are the perfect spots to wrap fairy lights, tinsel and even holly garlands to make the room feel more tied together and add that extra touch of festivity. A great way to decorate the stairs is by wrapping tinsel and lights, and sticking your Christmas cards on the banister.

Use Festive Colours

To truly create that perfect winter wonderland, you will be able to choose some festive colours to liven up the space and make a lovely theme to the home. Classic reds, greens and golds will give your home that vintage festive feel, while concentrating on white, silver and blue will make your home feel like it’s just stepped out of Narnia.

Embrace Nature

In the winter, you can bring some of the outdoor plants inside to protect them from the frost. In doing this, you can also make a decoration out of them by hanging some lights or small baubles. You can also bring the outdoors in by hanging a holly wreath on the door, or a garland by the fireplace. If you want to add a touch of romance, you can also hang some mistletoe in the house for that special someone


Candles are the ultimate way to finish off your winter wonderland. You could opt for spiced candles, sweet candles and even ones that smell like gingerbread. Add a scented candle to your fireplace and add extra ambience with tealights all over the space.



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