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Christmas Gift Guide | Unique Gift Ideas

December 1, 2014

Although it’s not Christmas yet, it’s never too soon to start thinking about gift ideas. Whether it’s for your partner, family member, or friend, we all get stumped sometimes when it comes to buying presents for those we love. Here are a few ideas for getting a thoughtful gift that will be sure to be made use of, and not put at the back of the closet!


Hip FlaskSome people might say these are old fashioned, but really, they’re pretty stylish. There is such a retro and sophisticated air to hip flasks. They will definitely improve any night out with a loved one, and ensure any drinks you get will go just that bit further if you know what I mean! There are various colours, textures and designs, so really, you can get this gift for anyone.

Beard Grooming KitThis is both a thoughtful gift and one to get your partner to do some grooming if they have an unruly beard, a win-win situation. Beards have been popular these last few years and as a result, there are lots of beard grooming products out there. Whether it’s just a trim you’re after or want your loved one to have a luscious and style facial hair, there are lots of products on the market.

BackpacksNow, backpacks aren’t just for college kids, everyone’s wearing them now nowadays! It’s both a practical way to get around town, to work, or even for a hike. Whatever you want to use your backpack for, there is certainly a backpack out there for your needs. Some are fashion statements, or some are much more simplistic and practical, with endless pockets. You know you loved one best, and so you know what kind of backpack would suit them.


NotebookA gift that can offer some insight or self reflection, is more than just a present. Writing can offer some much-needed insight into your life, and even be a way of making some changes. There are more types of notebook out there than you first think. This blog is great for outlining some of the kinds that are on the market, from ones with great typography and graphic design to ones made for a specific purpose like writing down recipes.

Massage BarThis might at first seem like a strange gift idea but it can add a whole new element to any romantic relationship. Lush have pretty much monopolised the market on this one, as they offer so many kinds of massage bars from hot soothers to relaxing lavenders, and are probably the leading high street brand. This is such a fun gift, and a very strategical one if you’re gifting it to your partner!


Buying gifts for your loved ones can be challenging sometimes, but hopefully, this list has given you some ideas. Gifts like hip flasks or backpacks are also practical items, so won’t get swept to the back of the closet! Whether you want to offer someone some insight or inject some fun into their relationship, there are great ideas here for everyone.   

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