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Christmas Gift Guide for New Mummies

December 6, 2017

SJP Lovely Fragrance Gift Set / The White Company Dressing Gown / Mummy Milestone Cards / New Mums Notebook / New Mum & Dad Mug Set / Happy Mum Happy Baby Book /

A New Fragrance

When you first become a mum you tend to put yourself immediately on the backburner. Gifts like fragrance and perfume are lovely treats that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself at this time. I definitely recommend keeping them light and floral as it’s a good all rounder and they’re not too overwhelming for the new baby. TJC voucher codes are also readily available.

A New Robe

You can bet that any new mama is going to be spending 80% of their time in a dressing gown. My child is one and I still wasn’t out of mine by lunchtime today! You’re going to want to make it a nice one, a gorgeous dressing gown is invaluable and they’ll always thank you for it! They can be expensive but searching for The White Company voucher codes can save so much money!

Mummy Milestones Cards

I loved these when I first had Rory! They just made things a lot more lighthearted and fun. Poo Explosions became entertaining as we would take the milestone photo and I found myself enjoying documenting MY achievements adjusting to new motherhood.

New Mums Notebook

I love this fun alternative to a baby book. It’s fab for taking out some time (it’s limited I know) and reflecting on the good. It’s one of those books that makes you realise you’re not alone!

New Mummy & Daddy Gift Set

This gift is such a lovely keepsake for new mummies and daddies.

Happy Mum Happy Baby Book

This book has a LOT of hype for a reason. It’s lovely, relatable and an easy read. When you first have a baby you spend a lot of time sat around either feeding or with a sleeping baby and a great way to pass that time is with a good book!


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