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Christmas Gift Guide for Men

September 6, 2017

Too soon? Nah, it’s never too soon to start planning for C-Day especially when it comes to the men in your life (anyone else find them the hardest to buy for?!) Anyway, I am pretty impressed with myself for finding this lot – now no peaking Richard! 

Ear Phone Holder – This is definitely one of those presents you didn’t think you needed until you had it, but what a handy little thing to keep your headphones safe and untangled!
Underwear – Standard Christmas present obvs.
Aftershave Balm – Gorgeous luxury present that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves but its a nice treat!
Google Home – Perfect for the gadget lover in your life!
Cook Book – Probably the greatest cookbook ever written. It’s currently my cooking bible. I am a lazy chef. I like for things to be kept as simple as possible. Thank-you Jamie!
Coffee Table Book – Coffee table books are normally seen and not read, but the content of these is actually really good and will get referenced!
Amazon Dash Beer Button – You know how people say they want a button you can push and beer appears? Well, this is pretty much that!
Whisky Advent Calendar – You don’t need a description for this one!

*This post is in collaboration with Jacamo and also contains affiliate links.

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