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Christmas Gift Guide | Babies First Christmas

December 4, 2016

1. Christmas Pudding Baby Rattle. Fox and the Attic are a gorgeous little home business creating really cute, stylish items for little ones. I love how traditional this little baby rattle is. Click here to buy.
2. Dinosaur Christmas Tree Decoration. I have a slight obsession with dressing Rory up in things that are dinosaur themed ever since picking him up a dinosaur sleepsuit that said “Roar” and I thought Roar for Rory! So this my first tree decoration feels lovely and fitting! Click here to buy.
3. Santa Claus Dressing Gown. Because all baby activities should be festive right? Why exclude bath time? Click here to buy.
4. Pine Cone Bauble. Selfishly I like this one as it will go with the theme of my living room! Click here to buy.
5. Dinosaur Baby Shoes. Same reason as above. I cannot resist dinosaur themed items when it comes to Baby Rory. Click here to buy.
6. Babies First Christmas Card. I love that this Christmas card has a little more to it and can be brought out when baby is older to re-iterate the message of Santa. Click here to buy.

7. Baby Christmas Tree I saw this a couple of years ago and have always loved the idea of something growing with baby Rory through the years. Click here to buy.

8. Rudolph Christmas Shoes. Slightly more traditional than dinosaurs on your shoes, equally as cute. Click here to buy.

9. First Christmas Sleepsuit. I love the idea of having this as a little keepsake and also for photo’s for our Christmas card! Click here to buy.

10. Baby Christmas Milestones. I am obsessed with milestone cards and babies first Christmas is definitely a time to be documented. Click here to buy.

The comments +

  1. Emma Heapy

    December 6th, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    That dressing gown is too cute, kinda hoping Baby arrives early so I can buy it 🙂 xx
    Glossy Boutique

  2. Chelsey Lauren

    December 6th, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Love this! For some reason I found it really hard to buy something for K! Those slippers though, I need them!
    Great ideas

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