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Choosing broadband for a multi-device family home: what you need to know

August 20, 2014

Deciding which broadband package to go for isn’t easy. With so many options available, you might feel a little bit lost when you start your search. And let’s face it, the stakes are high. In a busy family home where people might be using the web to work, shop, play games and stream video, broadband that’s too slow can quickly lead to frustration, tears and tantrums.

So, to help you find broadband that’s right for a multi-device household, here are some key pointers to bear in mind.

Speed is a priority

Most families are heavy internet users, especially where there are teenagers who’ve grown up using the web. If there are four or more people in your home and you’re all likely to be online at the same time using a variety of web-enabled devices, you’ll probably be best off with fibre broadband rather than a standard ADSL package. Superfast broadband may cost a little more each month, but it will help to ensure a smooth connection even when all your family are online. Look for deals with unlimited downloads too so that you don’t have to worry about exceeding your limit and being charged extra.

The type and speed of package you’re able to get will depend on availability in your area. If you’re based in a city or built-up location, you’ll probably be able to take your pick from a full range of broadband services. On the other hand, you may be a little more restricted if you live in other areas. Broadband providers such as POP Telecom provide line checker functions on their websites that allow you to see the speeds on offer where you are.

Consider contract length

As well as speed, it pays to think about contract length. Most contracts last for between 12 and 24 months, and you can find yourself facing potentially hefty fees if you want to exit these agreements early. So, when browsing your options, make sure you go with a contract length that you feel comfortable with. If you want a little extra flexibility in case your circumstances change, or the way your family uses the internet evolves, it might be best to go for a shorter agreement.  

Whatever the length of the agreement, make sure you’re completely happy with the terms before you sign it.

Telephone bundle deals may save you money

If you use your landline, it’s worth checking out bundling deals that include your broadband and your telephone. The majority of providers offer packages that cover both, and in many cases these agreements will cost less than if you paid for your phone line separately. Combining your broadband and telephone packages in this way can also save you time and hassle – which as a busy parent is no doubt something you’ll appreciate. 

As long as you pay attention to these issues, and make sure you get a deal that offers good value for money, you should find broadband that’s just right for your household.

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