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Child Friendly Ways To Enjoy The Summer Months: The Holidays You Could Try

June 11, 2014

With two under two you may be thinking that a summer holiday might be the last thing on my mind, but actually some time away with my family away from the normal routine may actually be very good for us. With summer well and truly on the way it got me thinking about some of the child friendly holiday options families like us, or just with young children, are open to. I thought I would explore some of the options with you and you never know it may give you the inspiration you need for your summer getaway.


Camping is one of those things young children love to do as it feels like such an adventure. It may not necessarily be the ideal option for two under two, but as they get older it could certainly be a fabulous summer option for in a few years time. It’s the adventure of putting up a tent and sleeping outside, and cooking on a throwaway BBQ. Packing up what you need isn’t a drama as you can be surprised what fits in a car boot, and if you click here you could also look into roof racks which are ideal for clothes and other necessities.

A city break

Surprisingly, I think a city break would be ideal for young children, especially if you are organised with tours and things to do while you are there. They can be quite the easy ride with young children, especially with a double buggy. So it actually could be the ideal holiday for young children, it just may take a bit of planning and preparation behind the scenes.

A short haul break

The most common getaway for young families is the short haul holiday. Heading no further than those popular European destinations of southern Spain, even finding the Canary Islands feeling like it is just your limit. These sorts of holidays are great though,as you can find you land in the country you are holidaying in within a couple of hours of taking off. You could be by the pool only a few shorts hours after that starting to relax and enjoy the holiday vibes. No matter how old your children are, finding the right hotel with good amenities and facilities is probably going to be top of the priority list.

Should you brave long haul with young kids?

Finally, you may think I am mad for mentioning going long haul with young kids but actually it could be a viable option. With one of your children being under two, you save on the seat fare on the plane, which actually could help bring the cost down for some of these faraway destinations. Many long haul flights are catered for you being in the air for a long time, so you’d o get extra space in the cabin and food and drinks services are more frequent. Many children may even find the onboard entertainment better or could even sleep through the majority of the flight depending on when you travel. When you think about it, it might be the least stressful way of going long haul.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your summer holidays with a young family.

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