Celebrating the Simple Pleasures this Autumn | World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2017

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With the combination of Motherhood and Self Employment in my life ‘me time’ is always prioritised as the last thing in the list. I will crave a night off but just can’t justify it as I need to keep on top of my blog and the admin that is involved. Even if you finish work at 5pm, most people don’t take the night off as they are tasked with “house-min” (house admin – do you like what I did there?)

I am currently working with Fenetic Wellbeing on their #RelaxandRecline campaign to celebrate the cosier evenings and the comfort they bring (let’s talk hot stews, chunky jumpers, snuggling in – you know!)  so I thought World Mental Health Day was the best day to share them! Here are seven ways to grab some relaxing me time that are quick and simple – so no excuses!

1. Paint your nails. What is it about painted nails that make you feel like an instantly more put together person? They’re also a really great way to make you feel seasonal too. I have just bought some gorgeous Autumnal colours that I am excited to use.

2. Enjoy Autumn TV. Telly at this time of year is the best! (Have you been watching Liar on ITV – OH MY GAAAHHHD!) I am so guilty of watching things in the background while doing something else (currently watching Bake Off while typing this) but we need to take time out, relax and recline, take it in and fully absorb what you’re watching.

3. Pyjamas & Knitted Socks. I don’t need much persuading to be in my pjs. I am normally in my slacks by 6pm. Why not really indulge and treat yourself to some new pyjama bottoms? Tuck them into some chunky knitted socks and you are definitely living your best life.

4. Light Up. The nights are long (and dark) get those fairy lights out of the loft and dig out your best autumn candle.

5. Cook a childhood meal. Tonight I had dippy eggs and soldiers and it was lush.

6. Indulge. Christmas isn’t far away so let’s start early. Buy in your favourite treats for a night, invest in a hugging recliner chair and have a guilt-free night of snacking to your heart’s content in total bliss.

7. Being a home bird has never been so acceptable. Make the most of it! I have always been a home girl, opting for nights in overnights out but you can feel the pressure to be out and at social gatherings. Everyone seems to get the Autumn vibes this season and opts for cosy nights in so enjoy it too!

*This is a collaborative post

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