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Can You Trust The Former Owners Of Your New Home?

April 12, 2014

There are lots of reasons for moving home that don’t fall into the category of predictability. Many people just want a change of scenery and different neighbors. They may want to change their neighbourhood for a place that is more child-friendly and peaceful. The unusual reasons for moving could be because the home just isn’t what you first thought it to be. The winters might especially be difficult as rain and snow filter in. The materials that make the home could be brittle, old-fashioned and untrustworthy. Doing repairs after repairs will eat away at your bank account, and the stress just doesn’t seem to ever go away. So when it’s your turn to buy a home for any one of these reasons are you sure you’re not the only one. It will be counterproductive, to say the least, if you’re simply going to leapfrog from one pain in the neck to the other. You’d make sure that none of these issues were going to be a problem with you selling your home so why would you expect the people you’re buying from, to be any different? Avoiding these pitfalls takes a mixture of cunning and wise old eyes.

Examine and investigate

When you go for a home viewing, pay close attention to the attitude of the sellers. Of course, we all know our homes aren’t perfect, but that’s in our eyes. That doesn’t mean that somebody else with different tastes won’t like what we have. The same goes for you, as you might like what you see but those selling the home as the current owners, will obviously have their reasons for leaving. Viewing the condition of the home is extremely important. Knowing what to look for is something you must plan for. You can do so by imagining walking into your own home as if it were the viewing home. What would you look for? The first sign of a good home would be the smell. A stench of rotting wood, damp walls, and ceilings, as well as the humidity in the home, would be a clear sign that all is not well with the house. The materials might be old and damaged; the pipes could be rusting, the floors might smell awful and be harboring many foul critters and droppings of small insects, etc.  

Snoop the truth

Put yourself in their shoes, when you’re trying to make a sale, surely you would try your best to glam up the home and talk it up too. We all know that no home is perfect, so even before you step into the hallway once let in through the front door, don’t be taken aback. Depending on who is giving you the tour, you need to fix your tac to fit the situation. For example, if you’re talking with the owners, be polite and engage in general chit-chat. Slowly ease your way into questions that are relevant to your concerns such as the surrounding homes. Are the neighbors harmonious to them? Did they do any building, restoration of wooden features or renovation of the home and if so, what kind, what did they change, how long did it take, etc.? How does the local authority react to residents who may want to extend their homes? As you get more familiar with the people of the home, you can begin to ask more in-depth questions. Have they done anything extra to the home, such as soundproofing any of the rooms where children might play or perhaps a music or movie room? What are the hard to clean places in the home which need extra care? Think about the things that you do from day to day but think nothing of them as they are simply routine, and put these inquiries to the sellers.

No strings left attached

Ready to sign on the dotted line? If only things were that simple. Although you may be focussed on imagining what your new life is going to be like in your new home, it isn’t over until the solicitor says so. Legally speaking, what will happen now is the conveyancing of the property. This essentially means that the property will be legally switching ownership from one owner to the other. Without this legal practice, you’re just giving away money. Handing over a large lump sum of cash when there isn’t any legal parameter to actually move out and give you the keys to the property is like flushing your money down the toilet. But knowing who would be best for the job means you have to compare conveyancing solicitor quote. The company will break down the latest conveyancing rates as of March 2018. The fees will be lurking in the range of your set circumstances and the uniqueness of your requirements. At times it can feel like you’re trying to compare apples with another bunch of apples. Indeed it can all look the same, but they will guide you through and make the clear disparities between each service. So why would you want a solicitor to rubber-stamp the deal? He or she will make sure that in the eyes of the law, you have bought a piece of property officially and change the record books to have your name as the new owner. This means that as soon as both parties have signed the deal, according to the date agreed, the home becomes yours, and the previous owners have no legal right to enter back into the home.

Can you trust the people you’re buying your new home from? The honest answer is no. This doesn’t mean you’ve sworn enemies from this point on. It means you have to treat those selling you the property as you would for any other large purchase such as a vehicle. What would you do? If we’re really truthful with ourselves, we would talk up the house and keep the negatives to a bear minimum. So make sure you’re asking the right kinds of questions that investigate the quality and state the home is physically in. Homeowners can be made to let their guard down if you can slowly gain their confidence and be likeable.

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