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Brushing up your DIY Skills

December 14, 2014

Doing something yourself is a great activity, and is just another step towards the complete independence a lot of us look for. DIY is a very valuable commodity these days, and that means if you know how to put a shelf together from scratch, or get a coat of paint on the walls as smooth as possible, you have a skill you can show the world! If not, well there’s no better time to learn than now! If you’re looking to make some home renovations and want to go it alone, or you need to help a friend with their kitchen cupboards, here’s some tips and tricks for you to follow as a beginner.

Use Video Tutorials

Learning by doing is a technique a lot of us use to get better at something, as it’s the most hands on way of getting to grips with practice. However, being a visual learner also works well here, as video tutorials are some of the most comprehensive teaching tools out there.

So, be sure to watch these expert interior DIY youtube guides when you need a hand with attaching some drapes to the ceiling or you’ve lost the instructions to putting your new bed together. Being versatile and using what you have around you is a great incorporation of common sense into your skills, and there’s no harm in needing a little help when you first start off with something!

The Maintenance Side of Things

It’s not all about the bulk of the work when it comes to DIY, there’s some good upkeep advice for what you use to build up everything around you, and making sure your renovations last for as long as they can!

For example, instead of constantly washing your brushes and rollers, and getting annoyed about the amount of paint that won’t come out, or leaving them to dry and harden overnight, just wrap them up in a bit of cling film! It keeps the paint wet and lasting a lot longer because you’re not wasting anything.

You could also use baby oil, which you’ll probably have around the house in abundance, to wipe off any paint from your skin. We all know how hard it can be to get the streaks off of our fingertips, so this is a saving grace!

For the Fiddly Bits

If you’re trying to thread a needle or get rid of runners in the carpet without ruining the rest of your landscape, this is the section for you.

Scissors can be dipped in boiling water to make cutting any fabrics a much easier whilst still delicate process. If you’re knocking in some nails, and it’s your fifth attempt to get it to go in straight, use clear nail varnish and coat the inside of the hole before hammering again. This helps to tighten any screws.

DIY doesn’t always have to be hard to carry out! Use these ideas to take you from your beginner level to being the person with some nifty hacks!

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