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February 10, 2017

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Bath Thermometer:

A bath thermometer is perfect for some peace of mind, ours was pretty affordable at just £5 from Tesco. The optimum bath temperature is 37 degrees celsius which is really hard to judge, I always think it feels to warm for a baby, but anything lower and you’ll have a shivering little one. I definitely found this helpful to know I wasn’t going to scold or freeze my newborn! You can pick one up here.

Angelcare Bath Seat:

Okay, so I am pretty sure you’ve of heard about how great these are – but the hype had to come from somewhere right? This little mesh seat allows you to have both your hands free without your baby wriggling all over the place! After having a caesarian I could bath Rory pretty quickly with the help of this bad boy! Also, it doubles as a seat to allow you to pop the baby in when you need to have a wee (obviously not when they’re in the bath)

Cuddledry Towel*:

I cannot deal with how soft these towels are, I received this when I was pregnant and was amazed by the softness! It’s such a lovely idea being able to cuddle your baby dry, it’s by far our favourite towel. You wrap it around your neck, pick them out and pop the hood up, avoiding having to put them on the cold floor. I sit with him in the towel and feed him (risking being peed on) and he loves it, it really calms him down before bed. Again, though, let’s discuss the softness! You have to see if to believe it. You can pick one up here.

HiPP Organic Bath Range*:

I have always been amazed by this bath range! It’s so soft and gentle on Rory’s sensitive skin whilst being really affordable. You can see my full review of the range here.

Glow in the Dark Bracelets:

I picked these up really cheap at a Flying Tiger store but you can pick them up anywhere, they are so good for adding a sensory element to bathtimes – you can dim the lights (or in our case, use the hallway light!) and babies love it. You can pick some up here.


This is probably the most stylish rubber duck you’ll ever see right? We love this! It’s so good for keeping Rory entertained during bath time and with natural anti-bacterial properties and being made from natural rubber, it’s perfect for a now-teething Rory. You can pick one up here.

Coconut Oil:

Baby massage is a lovely way to bond – babies respond well to physical contact and to them it means “I love you” – so get stuck in! You can pick up some helpful techniques on YouTube and it’s also really great if you have a baby who suffers from wind or colic to provide some relief.  Coconut Oil is great as it has so many uses and works a treat on cradle cap! You can pick some up here.


  • Initially, babies are not the biggest fans of baths, newborns seem to think that everything you do you are trying to kill them – untrusting buggers! To get Rory to start enjoying the bath, I got in with him! We both benefitted from having an excuse for skin to skin and it helped him get over his bath fear.
  • Rory had the habit of crying when I got him out of the bath until Katie lent me the tip of drying him in the bathroom which has actually been really helpful! I also make sure I have a bottle ready for after bathtime.

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