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Baby’s Coming Home: How To Decorate Your Nest

January 25, 2014

Congratulations – you’re about to have a baby! This is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be rather nerve-racking too, especially if this is your first child. One of the tasks to preparing for the new arrival, is decorating the bedroom. It’s the chance you get to bond with your little one before they are welcomed into the world, and it’s a very therapeutic time. A bird searches for the perfect twigs for their nest, and if it’s the wrong shape, size, or texture – the mother will throw it out and look again. That’s love. And that’s essentially what you’re doing.

Here are some areas that you will be covering.

Choosing a theme

Now this tends to depend greatly on the gender of your baby. For example, if it’s a girl you can focus on pinks and purples with a princess vibe, whereas if it’s a boy you can go for blues and greens and make it sports orientated. Having said that – we live in a time where none of that even matters anymore. So maybe choosing a theme that isn’t so gender biased would be a good idea. If you like to get creative and a little messy, then why not paint a feature wall and turn it into a sunset mural, or something that you find truly beautiful and calming in the world. There are tons of images you can find online to copy. Not only that, but you’ll be breaking the mould!

Making it comfortable

It’s now time to make the place homely and comfortable. You will first need to buy the appropriate furniture, like the cot, dressers, drawers, toy box, and changing station. This can be pretty costly, so considering personal loans online may be a good idea if you don’t have savings to tap into for all the essentials. Once you have the basics, you can figure out where you want to keep everything. You should think about ease, as you’ll be going in at all different times of the day (and night) so everything should have its own place that you can find easily and do what needs to be done. You also need to make sure the room is baby proofed. This means that it’s safe for your baby to crawl around in without them causing harm to themselves due to sharp corners, wires, and lose items that could be choked on.

The finishing touches

The finishing touches can be anything from the lighting to the teddies. It’s also a nice idea to have a soft corner where you lay out blankets, teddies, and cushions on the floor for your baby to play around in. You may also want to get a night light for them to have on when they go to bed so you can turn the main light off but still have a comforting warm glow for your little one. There are even lights that project pretty patterns like stars in the galaxy on the ceiling, so they can look up at it as they fall asleep. And don’t forget to keep a baby monitor in the room to make sure they’re okay once you’ve put them down for a nap.

*This is a collaborative post

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