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BabyBeau Isabelle Changing Bag Review

October 19, 2016

Here is a funny story for you – when I first fell pregnant I snubbed advice and decided that I didn’t want to get into a big changing bag debate, I would spend a minimal amount and pick up a plain and simple one. That is exactly what I did and I was happy with my changing bag. You see I had always assumed the changing bag was an extension of your usual carry about items and would simply be a place that would store nappies and sit happily next to my Mulberry bag. I was naive back then you see.

I later had a conversation that went like this:

“No, you put your stuff, like keys, phone etc in the changing bag. You don’t take two bags out”
“Ooooh, so why can’t I just put all the babies things in my handbag then?”
“Well you can… but at best some milk will leak all over your Mulberry, at worst you’ll have to shove a soiled nappy in there one day and nothing can take that stain back”

Suddenly the changing bag game was different, this had upped the anti.

Every time I looked for changing bags, I always came back to BabyBeau. When you fall pregnant you don’t really realise but your style changes – mine was certainly maturing, and there is something about their classic designs that fit in really nicely with that. If I were to pick a handbag I would pick something similar to what they have to offer so it just felt right.

I opted for the Isabelle – it was classic and beautiful. When it comes to handbags for me bigger is better and Isabelle is super roomy. It’s currently all packed up for my hospital stay and will then transition to a changing bag. However, I really like that it is big enough to be used as an overnight bag and then a handbag once baby no longer needs a fleet of items in tow (so probably in about 18 years?!)

I am a real sucker for organisation, I like everything to have its own special home and when packing for the hospital I have already found all of the compartments really handy. I have back up nappies in one compartment, vests in another, dummies and wipes in others, all very neatly organised. I can’t deal with the stress of things floating around in the bottom of my bag and I imagine this will be amplified once there is a newborn with me.

Another feature that I love is that the changing mat acts as it’s own separate storage solution, it has pockets for wipes and nappies so that if you are out and about you can just grab that changing mat pack and take that to the changing facility instead of having to lug your whole bag with you. I can see how this will be really handy for me as we often go on days out and my bag already gets heavy with the tonne of stuff we need, having to take it all with me for each change would be a pain.

I’ve also recently been trying to ascertain how socially acceptable it is to use the bottle holder for makeup instead of bottles – it’s just too beautiful. (For the record apparently it is not socially acceptable and I will need it as a bottle holder – thanks, Hubs)

What I love most is that this changing bag solves problems I didn’t even know existed such as the additional compartments, the inner lining is removable to create an additional bag, the changing mat being so portable. It is perfect for creating solutions to make life more simple. I am happy to hang up my Mulberry for the forseeable future in place of this beautiful bag. Being a mummy doesnt mean you have to compromise your style.

Just want to say a huge thank you to BabyBeau for sending me this gorgeous item. I am going to do an update post on how I use this bag once baby boy is here – 2 more weeks!

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