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October 2, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Picking: This is the top of my list! It’s quite sad but I just cannot wait to take some gorgeous photos of Rory out at a Pumpkin Patch. We both love the great outdoors and this feels like the perfect day out.

Buy Seasonal Interiors: I have already picked up a rose gold pumpkin (standard!) and a candle with a pine cone wreath around it. I want to pick up a few new blankets and cushions in Autumn colours as well as have fairy lights everywhere! I really want to do some homemade Autumn crafts with Rory as well that we can get out each year.

Drink all of the Pumpkin Spice: I just bloody love the stuff! I’m being really awkward and not buying the new Beanies stuff purely because it’s online and I don’t want to pay the postage! If you have seen anywhere I can get my hands on a decent Pumpkin Spice coffee that I can make at home I would love to know as Starbucks so far is my second home!

Attend a Firework Display: I’m a bit on the fence with this one, I am not the biggest fan of a firework display and I can’t work out if Rory would love it or hate it. He loves lights etc and things like that but he isn’t amazing with noises so we shall see! His birthday is November 1st and was due November 5th so he was always going to be a “bonfire baby”.

Celebrate Rory’s Birthday: Oh my gaddd I am going to have a one year old. Stop the press! Now I’ve always been a bit stuck on what to do for his first birthday and if I have a party for him – what theme? But as I write this is makes total sense that he has a Halloween/Autumn themed party!

Buy some Autumnal candles: I have a few winter Yankee candles but really want to add some Autumn ones to my collection. I love candles and they way they bring back memories. When I first started maternity leave I lit Yankee Candle Bundle Up all the time and now it’s back out this year it’s lovely to have those memories flood back!

Collect Conkers: This is for a little bit of childhood nostalgia really but again I think it will be a really fun day out for Rory. He’s quite into sorting things into buckets and collecting things so I think it’s an activity he will love.

Make an Autumn Sensory Box: The conker collection leads nicely onto this, blog post to follow!

Perfect my Autumn Fashion: I am trying to get style back into my life slowly but surely. Autumn is a season that I love to dress for. It’s so easy! Big cosy scarves and chunky knit jumpers, it is so effortless and simple.

Master Editing my Photo’s & Instagram: This year I’ve become really interested in the photography element of blogging and it’s something I really want to focus on and improve. Autumn is a great season to play around with editing because there is so much colour to work with!

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