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Are You Winning The Battle For Space Around The Home? (You Will Be After Reading This)

December 1, 2014

Having children is a blessing that improves your life in virtually every way imaginable. However, there is one inescapable issue that all parents have to contend with: a lack of space around the home.

It’s quite amazing how many things are needed to keep such a little person happy and healthy. While we wouldn’t change it for the world, finding ways to overcome the struggle is vital. Here are some simple tricks that I’ve found will work wonders.

Spend Time Choosing Your Furniture

Furniture provides the focal point of any room. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that it’s better to buy quality at the first attempt. Otherwise, you’ll end up replacing those substandard products anyway.

With items that aren’t in use all day long, opting for products that can be made smaller will pay dividends. An extendable dining table and chairs can be retracted to take up less room while still allowing you to accommodate the whole family. On a similar note, sofa beds over alternative ideas can make a significant impact.

Utilize The Walls Where Possible

The walls don’t just set the tone for the appearance of a room. They can also be your secret weapon in the bid to win back valuable floor space. Shelving, TV brackets, and other features that avoid the need for bulky units and sideboards can make a world of difference. If those items are high up, it may also remove sources of potential danger.

Making better use of the walls is often more affordable than buying those additional items too. For the sake of your finances, as well as your desire to create the perception of a larger room, getting this right is key.

Don’t Let Toys Win

All kids need a plethora of great toys for entertainment and development purposes. However. You cannot afford to let this become the main issue in your bid for space. Upcycling old items to create toy boxes or storage facilities will make tidy up time a little less stressful. Meanwhile, slightly older children can sleep in high sleeper cabins with room for play and storage underneath.

Perhaps the even bigger challenge, however, is to stop hoarding toys. One trick is to review the situation every three months. If a toy hasn’t been used for 90 days, the kids won’t miss it. As they get older, the money generated from those can be put towards new ones or days out.

Have Designated Spaces

When the home has no boundaries, virtually every room can become a mess. Conversely, localizing the mess gives you a far greater chance of staying on top overall. Building a home office or a playroom, for example, creates clear guidelines for where certain activities take place. That sense of control will make it feel like there is more space, even when you haven’t increased the dimensions.

Aside from anything else, this makes cleaning and organization a lot easier. In the worst case scenario, you can turn your back on the one cluttered and enjoy the space in other parts of the home. Essentially, you cannot hide the signs that your home has been lived in, and you shouldn’t have to either. Still, a tighter grasp on the situation is essential for your sanity. Do not forget it.

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