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April Mummy & Baby Favourites

May 1, 2017

Here are our Monthly Favourites…

Baby Favourites 

Tesco Sleepsuits. Tesco’s are a hidden gem for baby clothes, however, I had never tried their sleepsuits but I just couldn’t resist these. I am so impressed at how soft they are and how well they wash that I went and bought another packet AND the matching vests. I am also considering getting the next size up as I love these patterns so much. Also, HOW did I get to 6 months before I realised how lovely babies look in white sleepsuits? Click Here to Buy.
Lulujo Muslin Blankets. I am muslin blanket obsessed. I am always on the hunt for new patterns and I LOVE Lulujo ones. Not only are they really pretty, they’re by far the softest ones I have come across. I have just picked up this “Move Mountains” one too which I am so excited about. Click Here to Buy.
Bibs with Arms. We have recently started going down the Baby Led Weaning route, which is incredibly messy but even with purée Rory would get his hands involved and make a mess of his clothes. Unless you have the stamina to change your baby three times a day (I don’t) these bibs are a life saver! Click Here to Buy.
Ellas Kitchen Brekkie Range. As my little bear hits six months (*sob* please stop growing) he can have milk and yoghurt etc. He is loving the new flavour, especially in the form of these Ella’s Kitchen Brekky pouches – his favourite so far is Mango! Click Here to Buy.
Perfect Prep Machine. Okay, so I have owned three prep machines! One when I was pregnant which I sent back as I was scaremongered against it by midwives, then another when we first had Rory which we used for about three months but decided to stop as he was having all sorts of colic problems so we made them from scratch. I decided to re-buy one last week now that he is over most of his feeding problems and it really is a lifesaver! So much more convenient than making bottles up. Is it wrong that I am considering getting another for upstairs? Click Here to Buy.
Dummy Clips. Rory never used to be a ‘dummy baby’ but his teeth seem to of driven him to a soother and he is now obsessed. I love dummy clips as he does drop them, but it also means his dummy is easily accessible and even he can find it to pop it in his mouth. Click Here to Buy.

Mummy Favourites: 
Wire Baskets. I recently picked up some wire baskets from TK Maxx that I LOVE. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I am currently using them for muslin blankets and baby blankets in Rory’s nursery. I love the way it looks. Click Here to Buy.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I am rubbish with make-up but I do like a foundation and have been around the block with quite a few. I have found this foundation really impressive but you’ll already know that if you follow beauty blogs. The main thing is that if your baby isn’t sleeping, you need it! It really brightens your skin and gives a lovely ‘awake’ glow. Click Here to Buy.
Maisy Meow YouTube.: Elidh is the gorgeous mama to Oliver – a beautiful baby with a full head of hair. Anyway, she’s on YouTube and her channel is fab. Go & sub! Click Here to Find Her. 
Big Little Lies. I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty and read most of her books when pregnant. Big Little Lies was always one of my favourites so you can imagine my excitement at the TV programme. It is a little cheesy, but who doesn’t love a little cheese right?
Primark Jeggings.: Postpartum bodies are a difficult thing and jeans can be a daunting prospect. For me, I have had fear of the jean for about 5 months due to my c-section scar. I picked up some jeggings from Primark as they were only £6 and I am really impressed with how well they’ve held up. They are super comfortable and also look just like jeans. Also, spy those taupe sandals in the picture, also Primark for just £4!
Cinnamon Bagels.: Breakfasts have been MIA for a long time since having a baby but bagels are so easy, Rory is also obsessed with them so I reluctantly share with him!
Pear Cider. I’m not a huge drinker but maybe it’s my inner Somerset girl coming out as I have been loving a pear cider at the weekends recently!
Freebie Website. Here is my newest find. I am a sucker for a bargain and better yet a freebie. I could spend hours scouring through this Free Samples UK site, it’s so addictive. I just can’t help myself.

What products have you been your favourites this month?

*This post contains sponsored content and affiliate links. 

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