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Affordable, Eco-Friendly, Vegan Skincare Products? YES PLEASE!

January 4, 2010

Okay so let me drop the skinny on The Pro Co and their eco friendly serums. An affordable, VEGAN brand that carries absolutely no nasties. The products are also 98% plastic-free! The Pro Co aims to neutralise their carbon footprint and tackle environmental issues by creating eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, the small amount of plastic they do use is fully recyclable!

As Mothers, we are really bad at prioritising ourselves and our self-care routines. We never dedicate the time and we struggle to justify costs as we believe we should be spending it on our kids, however, The Pro Co is SUPER affordable. All the products are under £10 each but better still I am offering you guys a sweet 20% off so that you can spoil yourselves.

The products can be bought via Amazon which means super speedy delivery too!

The Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid – okay so, anything with Hyaluronic acid (pronounced hiya-loo-ron-nick) is gonna help you out. It’s a godsend for skin! It heals wounds and keeps your skin super duper supple. It can be described as a “tall glass of water for Thirsty skin) and I’ve seen serums set people back by £235! So this bottle at just £6.39 (if you use the coupon I am giving you) is a STEAL. So let’s talk about the rest of the ingredients. The Pro Co Serum contains a unique combination of 10 active and natural ingredients to reduce the signs of ageing and give you a gorgeous glow, whilst containing absolutely NO nasty products. Vitamin C in the serum works by stimulating your skin’s production of pro-collagen-I and increases the skins ability to induce hyaluronic acid. So super good for anti-ageing! Can I get an amen?

Buy your own Vit C Serum here.

The Retinol Serum – Okay so Retinol, I am dang sure you’ve heard of this one on all those posh TV adverts right? Well for good reason. Retinol is an anti ageing powerhouse, that stuff is gonna get all up in your skin. It dives deep, deeply penetrating your skin to increase its firmness and help the appearance of fine lines! However, The Pro Co formulation is super gentle to your skin due to having smaller, safer doses of higher strength Retinol as it’s scientifically proven to have lower irritation potential and greater stability over time compared to pure Retinol in beauty products!

Buy your own Retinol Serum here.

Anti Wrinkle Eye Rescue Serum – RIGHT MOTHERS – Here is your HOLY GRAIL. The eye recovery serum is gonna help to fade dark under-eye circles which we all know, we have in abundance! The clinically proven active ingredients fade dark circles with a unique lightening effect technology which tackles pigmentation and poor micro circulation to brighten and rejuventae your eye contour.

Buy your Eye Rescue Serum here.

Mama’s its time! Make a New Years Resolution to carve out some time for yourselves and look after your skin. Choose an afforable brand that has exceptional morals and invest in them! More brands need to follow in the steps of The Pro Co and their incredible products.

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