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Adventure Potential as a Nomadic Family

January 25, 2014

Most people wish that they could travel the world and make money as they do it, but so few people actually get that opportunity that it would be foolish of you to reject it should the chance ever arise

And should this chance arise, then sometimes, mainly when you are older, and with a family, you are unsure of the possibilities that come with it. How will your child get educated? What if things don’t work out? What will happen to your house? These are all sensible issues to consider, and it is smart to think about them and other issues before taking a massive step in your life, but the potential for adventure should, in most cases, far outweigh any doubts you might have.


If you have been offered a job in another part of the world, then the company will typically provide you with a place to stay along with a rent or living allowance. However, if you do something that is more focused online and can work anywhere in the world, then you might be concerned about where you will stay.

While some places around the world will expect you to sign a lease of between three to twelve months, other destinations will offer short stay apartments. This is particularly useful if you don’t want to deal with the expenses of jumping from hotel to hotel and want a stable base.


Giving your child the opportunity to see the world and be exposed to other cultures at a young age will inspire the travel bug deep within them early on. Doing this will allow them to grow up around all sorts of different people and while the constant changing of environments can potentially cause problems such as homesickness and making friends, their memories will be something they won’t forget.

If you are in a position where you can still earn money wherever you are, such as freelancing, then the option is always there to return home for some months out the year, if you all really need to. This is perhaps the most important thing, any decisions that are made need to be made as a family, not through any autocratic behaviour.


Another thing to consider is how your child will get an education if travelling all over the world. Some parents opt to homeschool their children, whereas others search out International Schools that follow the curriculum of their home country and is taught by legitimate teachers, so their child does not fall behind.

Whatever option is chosen, it is essential that you do not let your lifestyle interfere with your child’s education. While they may learn a lot about the world during their travels, but they also need to learn the fundamentals of education; knowledge about the world won’t get them everywhere in life.

The potential for adventures as a nomadic family is plentiful, but as with every significant change in life, you need to understand what you are getting in to. If possible, don’t sell your house with the intention of never returning but instead rent it out, and for your child’s sake, try to get back to your home country as often as possible.

*This is a collaborative post

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