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What do we do when we hit peak #lifegoals in our twenties?



When did we start to devalue being “just a Mum?”


Gratitude: What is it and how to do it.
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A very mini giveaway!

August 8, 2016

YouTube channel and a giveaway: 
Today isn’t going to be the normal “lifestyle” related blog post, I have pushed my schedule back a week and decided to spend this week concentrating on my photography skills and taking some really nice pictures for upcoming posts. If you have any tips on taking the perfect flat lay then please send them my way! 
I am however hosting two giveaways, one on Twitter and one on YouTube. It’s just a mini giveaway so the prize is an Essie Nail Varnish Set that has three polishes,
YouTube Giveaway: 
I have recently started getting back into YouTube after being inspired catching up on some of my favourite channels. I have started producing videos twice a week and am really proud and enjoying it so to celebrate I am hosting a giveaway. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel. If you already are then just leave a comment and I will include you!
Twitter Giveaway: 
Last night I hit the big 1k on Twitter which was exciting! To enter this giveaway you have to re-tweet this tweet and follow me on Twitter.

Giveaway ends 18th August! 

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