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A Pregnancy Timeline | Guest Post

December 1, 2014

Your Ultimate Pregnancy Timeline Guide
Ever wondered about the different stages of pregnancy that you will go through, and the various symptoms that you will experience? Lots of mothers to scour the internet looking to see how their little person is progressing, and from a peanut to an orange to a melon, we’re here to help with a detailed guide!
Pregnancies last around 40 weeks or 9 months in total. These weeks are known as being divided into three ‘trimesters’. Read on for our complete guide detailing the full timeline of a normal pregnancy, broken down into what you’re likely to experience through the three trimesters.
First Trimester (Week 1 – Week 12)
During the first trimester, you’ll find your body going through a lot of changes. Hormonal changes will kick in at this time and be a trigger for all your pregnancy symptoms that occur early on.  Other than your period stopping, you will experience the following symptoms during your first trimester:
        You are likely to feel very fatigued
        Your breasts will feel tender and swollen
        You will start to experience the nausea of morning sickness
        Mood swings are a common occurrence due to all the hormonal changes
        You may find yourself having strange cravings for specific foods and a strong distaste for others
        You will need to pee much more frequently and may experience incontinence.  Incontinence pads are available to help you deal with this.
As your body starts to change in these first few weeks, it is essential to ensure you are getting adequate rest, nutrition, and hydration. Light exercise can be really helpful in easing your discomfort.
Second Trimester (Week 13 – Week 28)
Many pregnant women have reported that their second trimester feels considerably easier than their first. Certain discomforts such as morning sickness start to go away. You do still experience a lot of other changes in this period of your pregnancy, such as the below:
        You will notice that your body physically changes more significantly in this period, as your abdomen will grow rapidly along with your baby.  This may result in bodily aches and stretch marks
        The skin around your nipples tends to grow darker at this stage
        You may start to get patches of darker skin on your face. This is also known as chloasma and is nothing to worry about as it fades away after you give birth
        Some pregnant women may experience tingling or numb hands. This is a condition that is known as carpal tunnel syndrome
        The swelling that you experienced in the first trimester will continue into this stage. You are likely to experience swelling in areas such as the ankles and fingers. If your swelling is severe or sudden, please contact your doctor.
        You may experience itchiness in certain areas of your body, such as your palms or your abdomen
        And most excitingly, your baby will start to move in your belly towards the end of this trimester!
Third Trimester (Week 29 – Week 40)
Almost there! In your final trimester, many of the same symptoms from the second trimester will continue. Some additional changes include:
        You may find yourself feeling short of breath at times. This isn’t anything to worry about it! It occurs due to the baby increasing in size and putting pressure on your organs. However, if you feel that there is a severe tightness in your chest to accompany it, please consult your doctor.
        Heartburn is commonly reported by women in their third trimester
        You may get haemorrhoids
        You will find that your breasts will become even more tender. They may also start to leak at this point with a watery liquid. This is known as colostrum
        Many women find that they have trouble sleeping during this period. This is mainly due to discomfort because of their protruding belly which will be very large in size at this stage
        The baby will ‘drop’ or move lower down into your abdomen
As your due date gets closer, it’s time to start preparing for the baby’s arrival! Try and enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy as much as possible. You won’t realise what a special time it was until you’re alone with your body once again.
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*This is a collaborative post


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