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A Blogging Epiphany

January 12, 2016

Something magical has happened tonight! When having a shower (I tend to have my best thoughts in the shower) I had a blogiphany (run with it…).

Not 100% sure where to start, but generally I have a love/dislike (hate is far to strong a word) relationship with blogging and vlogging. I love them both and I love creating content but I also hate the overarching feeling that you are not quite good enough, now some people may say that this isn’t a thing or I am over thinking, but that feeling certainly isn’t unique to me, every single day I check Twitter to see another blogger is taking a break or losing passion etc.

I have always found with blogging/vlogging that there are high expectations with whatever trends were there at the time, when I first started we had the crisp white background trend where there was an expectation to find a white wall and take all photos/videos in front of it, then we all got bored of that and moved onto the dewy/bokeh photos that no one quite mastered expect for the genius that is Becky, and now we are all into minimalist photos or photos where objects are randomly placed etc. There is so much pressure to have this or your blog isn’t good enough, I remember reading bloggers saying “I don’t read posts that have stock images, its lazy” and yes I am sure it is, but lets not right off whole content because the photo isn’t as good as the next bloggers.

For a lot of people blogging is a hobby, but there is no other hobby that provides this much stress… I don’t think “oh my gahd, such and such is watching Netflix on the sofa better than me” it just doesn’t happen, so why with blogging do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the amount of effort most bloggers apply to their blog and awe over there Instagramable images but for me, its just not going to happen, so I am done beating myself up about it.

Another ‘blogging rule’ is find your niche. Okay, I get this, I really do but hey we all like the same stuff! I started blogging so I could have a creative outlet to talk fashion as there is no other way that I will have that, as much as I would love a fashion career, I also love being a Web Trading Manager and wouldn’t give that up, but there is no ‘fashion side’ to it… and its the same for many other bloggers, they want to discuss make up, film, books, food with others as there is no other creative outlet, just because someone is passionate about food but doesn’t want to give up there office job to become a chef doesn’t mean they can’t have place to indulge there passion because they are not unique enough (does this sentence even make sense) and the same with YouTube, I see so many vloggers coming across as false as there is pressure to be unique/funny and I was terrible for it in my first videos but the best ones are people just going about there every day business.

Basically my point is, to hell with blogging rules and to hell with success. I want to blog my way and stop caring so much otherwise its just never going to happen. Maybe I am over sensitive, but the blogosphere can be a haunting place of comparison and it has to stop, I am fed up of hearing “your blog won’t be this, if you don’t schedule consistently, take amazing images, stand out from others” I just want to share things that I care about with other people that care as well… I don’t want to worry about whether it fits in a certain category, I just want to be able to make friends, learn things and have fun.

Does anyone else get this?
Or am I completely oversensitive? 
PS I have also done a vlog about my thoughts on this but iMovie is playing up so watch this space for that! 

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