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8 Ways To Ward Off Burglars From Your Home

December 1, 2014

Is your home an easy target for burglars? Many of us advertise our home to criminals without realising it. Here are eight tricks that will make thieves think twice before breaking entry.

Obstruct windows

Burglars like to go window-shopping before they choose their targets. Make sure that passers-by can’t see your possessions through your window (you certainly don’t want to put valuables on windowsills). An easy way to obstruct windows is to hang net curtains or blinds. These can let the light in whilst distorting the view from outside. Such obstructions can also make breaking into a window harder to do undetected.

Cut down that hedge

You might think that a hedge or a wall in front of your property is the ultimate burglar deterrent, however it can sometimes have the opposite effect by making it easier for burglars to break into your home without passers-by catching them in the act. Lowering your hedge or wall could make it harder for burglars to break in undetected.

Add anti-climb measures to fencing

If burglars have been climbing into your garden and stealing garden furniture or tools, you may want to consider adding an anti-climb feature to your fencing. This could include adding spikes to the top. If you feel this looks to hostile, you could consider adding a lick of anti-climb paint as an alternative.  

Reinforce windows and doors

Make sure that none of your windows or doors are loose and can be easily prized open. Make sure that there’s no gap when closed shut and make sure that they’re locked when out of the house. It could be installing a new door or windows if they’re old or broken.

Use motion sensing lighting

Motion sensing lighting is useful for two reasons – it can help you to find your keys in the dark and it can light up intruders trying to get into your home. Most burglars choose to operate in the dark. Motion sensing lighting is likely to scare them off. It also uses less power than permanent outdoor lighting.

Install CCTV

Those that want to go the extra mile could consider installing home CCTV. This is useful for burglary-prone areas. In most cases, the sight of a camera will deter most burglars. If it doesn’t scare them off it will at least give you video proof to use when going to police and making a home insurance claim.  

Install a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm could another measure for those wanting to be extra safe. This alarm is triggered when a door is opened – a code can be entered to turn off the alarm. You can also buy burglar alarms for windows.

Use dummy deterrents

It’s possible to use dummy deterrents to scare burglars off. This could include a fake CCTV camera, but it could also include a ‘beware of the dog’ sign even if you don’t have a pet dog. Some people even leave their TV on when out to make it look as if someone’s home.


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