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8 of the biggest shocks about becoming a grown up

June 16, 2016

After seeing Hannah Gales “19 biggest shocks about becoming a grow up” I decided to do a similar thing!

1. Harry Potter releases are still equally as exciting. However why are the younger generations not making plans on pitching up tents to get the new copy? Don’t they know this is major!

2. You never did get that bright pink Audi TT. I think when we realised we would have to fund our own lifestyles we scaled back our expectations slightly!
3. How great Olives taste. They’re meant to be vile, also mushrooms are pretty good too. 
4. You still don’t have your shit together. I mean it’s a different type of confusion to the 13 year old hormone driven confusion, but you still are confused about what you’re supposed to be doing. 
Let’s hope the 30s is a little less cloudy! 
5. You’ll give a shit about things that never crossed your mind before. Climate change, pesticides on vegetables, fair trade. You’all realise there is a whole world out there and you are insignificant to it. Remember when you were a teen and thought you were the world!
6. You’re tired 99.9% of the time. You don’t even have kids and your weeknight evenings (and most weekends) normally consist of Netflix and no chill followed by a solid 8-hour sleep, yet you’re so tired all the time. Why? And when did this happen? 
7. The amount of things that can be insured. You can literally insure anything, you house, your phone, your legs the lot. You probably think you don’t need it, but the likelihood is you do. Sure it’s annoying having to fork out for it each month but how much did you feel like you had your shit together when you smashed your iPhone (because you bought the cool marble effect screen not the super-sensible brick like one) and your insurance company were like “no sweat, we’ll just send you a new one”
8. You’re not rich. No seriously, we are meant to have a huge disposable income when we got our own jobs, right? We were supposed to buy all the cool shit that our parents wouldn’t buy us! So where is all our money and what is this ‘tax’ that we have to pay?

Becoming a grown up is one of the hardest transitions you’ll make.
What were the biggest shocks you found? 

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