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70s Interior Design Touches For a Retro Home

April 5, 2010

Oh, the 1970’s. Looking back from the modern world, it seems like such a funky, free, and all-around optimistic period. Not that today’s so bad! Indeed, part of the fun of the modern world is that many of us have one eye on the past. We bring the positive aspects to our world, and leave the lamer parts behind. We’ve seen this recently with the return to 70’s style decor if you’re looking to update your home and give it more of a disco feel (because why not?), then take a read below, where we outline some of the 70’s styles that’ll bring your home to life.


Bringing the Colour

You have to admire the color coordination of the 1970s. Everything prior to the 1960s was all a bit, well, dull. Then the 1960’s happened, but they probably took things too far. It was in the next decade when color really came into its own. It was both stylish, fun, and futuristic. Well, here we are, now in the future, and we’re looking back! While most any popping color will achieve the look, take a look specifically at mustard — it screams 1970’s. It’s worth noting that it’s best to just add sprinkles of these colors, such as in your lamps and so on, rather than making grand changes throughout your home.

Funky Fireplaces

Back in the 70s, a home dinner party was characterized by funky records, big hair, stylish clothing, and a roaring fire in the background. The hair and clothes might be left in history, but the funky records and fireplaces? They’re coming back, in a big way. Make your home cozy and retro by adding a stone cladding fireplace to your living room. You’ll be able to throw on a funk record, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy life in front of a roaring fire. Nice!

Velvet Comfort

The 1970s was a decadent age. It seems everyone wanted to live well, to live the high life. And what better way to do this than by parking yourself on a stylish, extra comfortable, extra soft velvet chair? They’re functional, of course, but they also add an imposing touch to your living area. You can also look at adding velvet throws too.

Big Rugs

Is there a more 70’s look than a big shaggy rug on the floor? We don’t think so. They’re much more than just a stylish addition too (though of course they surely are) — they also feel extra comfortable. You might want to draw the line at leopard skin rugs, but those big and comfortable ones will be a nice touch.

Wick Love

Whatever happened to wick furniture? It was all the rage in the 70’s and early eighties, then just disappeared. Give your home the natural touch by adding some to your home. A table is fine, but there’s something to be said for an oversized wick chair.

Take the advice above, and you’ll be living the cool and retro 70’s life in no time!

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