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7 Things That Change When You Have A Baby In The House

December 1, 2014

As readers of our site know, having a baby is a wonderful experience. It’s life-changing, quite literally, as you may already understand. If your an expectant mother, your parenting friends have probably already told you about what changes to expect in your life. Some of these will be obvious, but there may be things you have never thought about. Hence, this article. We are here to let you in on a few changes that will take place after having your baby. Don’t worry though, most of them are positive!

You will stop thinking about yourself

No longer will you spend time thinking about yourself. Your child is the new numero uno, and most of your attention will be on making them happy and providing for their needs. It’s all about making a sacrifice, so you will have to give up a few of the things you previously enjoyed. However, you probably won’t mind, as you will only have the best interests of your child to mind.

You will say goodbye to bad habits

Want to quit smoking? Have a baby. Your bad habit will cause health problems to your child, as well as yourself, so you know you need to pack up the habit. The same applies to alcohol. Drinking in moderation is fine, but you will have to stop your wild nights of partying and drink binging if that is your regular thing. Your child will thank you for it later on.

You suddenly become a morning person

Say goodbye to late nights and hello to early mornings. Sleep will become a precious commodity, and your sleeping habits will change in response to your child’s. Hint: get your partner to rotate sleeping shifts, as you will both need to get back lost energy.

You forget about material wealth

It’s all very well looking at designer sofas online, but you will need to curb your spending when raising a child. Not only will you be spending more money on the new addition to your life, but you probably shouldn’t buy anything too nice for a while, either. Your child is adorable, but their bodily functions will cause havoc with your home decors. Oh, and you will forget about the latest fashion for yourself. Shoe shopping is now about your little one, and their wardrobe will be better stocked than yours.

You discover new levels of endurance

There is no such thing as a supermom, no matter how effortless other moms make parenting look. However, while you will make mistakes and struggle occasionally, you will also develop levels of endurance you never thought possible. There is so much to do as a mom, but you will soon get into the pattern of coping with your new life as a parent.

You will make new friends

Rather than not having the time to see your friends, you will actually develop more. There are all kinds of baby groups and classes out there, so you don’t have to worry about feeling isolated. Your social life will become more than just you and baby, and you will benefit from the support other moms can give you.

You will respect your parents more

Most of us love our parents to bits, but as a child, we probably questioned some of their choices. As a new mom, you will begin to identify with your oldies. You will discover that raising a child is a joy, but it isn’t easy, and you will realise what your parents went through with you. Not only that, but if your parents are still around to help you, they will be the best babysitters you will ever have.

Final thoughts

Your life will change in other ways, but positive or negative, it will all be worth it. When you have a baby in your home, you will look at life in new ways. Both joys and challenges await. Enjoy!



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