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7 Signs You’re a Mum on Bonfire Night

November 3, 2018

Bonfire night. Who knew something once so magical could be so full of risk. Well, Mums everywhere knew. Right now I am planning on calling my Mum and personally thanking her for putting up with the heart palpitations and the stomach in her throat moments that she’s had to endure for the last 20-odd years as she watched me jumping around a Bonfire, watching explosives and swinging a sparkler around.

  1. You didn’t know anything about decibels until you have had to buy ear defenders for your kids. Now you’re very well astute. 
  2. Fireworks used to be the most amazing thing in the world. Until you had kids. Now they’re just humongous, explosive hazards shooting around at 150mph. I mean, holy shit… how did we ever think that was fun!
  3. Talking of humongous hazards… Remember when a big open bonfire was the epitome of romantic visions? You know. Smores. Hot Chocolate. Well… kids have ruined that one too. It’s just a big open cazam of danger!
  4. “Are you all wrapped up warm?”. Let me just add another scarf onto the two you’re already wearing. Are you sure you don’t need another layer on underneath your vest, top, jumper and coat?
  5. What’s up with Toffee Apples? Remember how much we loved seeing those new toothy pegs sprouting on through. Remember the hours we stayed up with our babies as we nurtured them through the ordeal of teething. Well, those little suckers are about to be put through their paces with the rock hard toffee apple.
  6. At the end of the night, you settle in and realise you missed it all. You sit down to process it all, you hear the talk of how good the fireworks were, how amazing the food was etc and you realise… you were too busy parenting to notice any of it.
  7. The chaos is worth it. (Kinda). The fun of being a parent is reliving your childhood through your children. The magic of the fireworks (that we didn’t see), the excitement of staying up past bedtime (our wind down time!!) and the thrill of the treats (that we are now regretting as he’s bouncing off the walls) is everything. Seeing your kids be THAT happy, making your own family traditions and memories. It’s all worth it.

What has changed about your Bonfire Nights since becoming a Mum?

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