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7 Amazing Ways to Save Money with your Food Shopping

November 1, 2010

This year Rich was made redundant which has made us HAVE to get really savvy with where our money was going. The biggest drain on our pocket was our food shopping by a country mile so I made it a mission to cut our food bills by at least 60% and now we consistently spend just £50 a week (feeding a family of four) 

If you are looking for ways to save money then keep reading! 

Oh also, I shop mainly in Asda because it’s super affordable AND they offer delivery!

  1. Meal Plan. Okay so first things first – you gotta have a plan. Not just any meal plan though, you want for there to be some thought for how the ingredients you are buying can spread themselves across the week – I think I am rubbish at explaining this, so here’s an example – you want your “main meal” of the week to be a Roast Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings. So thats one meal. Then from that you would save some chicken as leftovers and could have chicken wraps another day. Also from your main Roast Chicken meal you would cook a few extra potatoes and veggies and could make bubble and squeak with fried eggs as another meal. If you are buying an ingredient, you generally want to be able to use it across meals, this could also mean making a soup as a meal as that can work with a multitude of leftovers. 
  2. You need a “core” meal for lunches. Each week I make a core meal for lunches. This is something I can make a HUGE batch of and have it most days with the kids. This could be a pasta salad which could be eaten cold one day, warm another, with salad one day or cheese another. This way you can have one set of ingredients and it saves so much money and time. Soup is another great core meal. 
  3. Embrace “basic” Meals. Every meal you make doesn’t have to be a fine dining experience. I will make 3 out of 7 meals, “proper meals” that require a level of kitchen time and home cooking and then the other 4 meals will consist of leftovers and good old basic meals like dippy eggs, jacket potatoes or good old sausage, chips and beans! 
  4. Frozen Veg is the way forward. Frozen veg is my absolute life. Its just so much easier and reduces food waste for us – BIG TIME. 
  5. Shop Online. Shopping online eliminates the room for panic purchases i.e sausage rolls and biscuits to keep your kids quiet while you try and bribe them into shopping! 
  6. Don’t invest in branded products. Some non branded food items can be a bit of a gamble – wotsits is one of them, supermarkets can never quite match how amazing wotsits are! But 9/10 time the non branded version is just as good (if not better) than the branded version. The inflated price with branded products rarely goes into enhancing the product and usually goes into marketing it. Don’t spend extra for good advertising!  
  7. One for now and one for later. If a supermarket has a deal on, buy one for now and one for your pantry or freezer. Your bank balance will thank you! 

Making cut backs is a great way to help manage your finances when things change or around expensive times of the year like Christmas. Once you’ve gone through a list of your outgoings and fine tuned it where possible, if you still need short term money to tide you over there are options like Cash Lady for you to look into! 

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