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Selling Your Home? Add These Key Selling Points To Your Property Listing

December 1, 2014

Are you thinking about selling your home soon? It’s a stressful experience, but you can quicken the sale. As well as getting to work enhancing your home, you should also consider the property listing. Your estate agent should help you with this, but we think the following selling points will grab the attention of would-be buyers.

The age of your home

Older houses reflect a certain charm to some buyers, while others are interested in something a little more modern. If you think the age of your home has some value to the buyer, perhaps because of a particular feature or design, then mention it in the listing. If you don’t know how old your house is, follow the link to this quiz – what year was your house built – and you should get all the information you need.

Parking facilities

A major selling point for buyers. If you have sufficient parking spaces, be that on the street, driveway or a garage, then highlight it on the listing. If you have space for more than one car, be sure to add that too.

Talk about the local area

Your house isn’t the only thing you are trying to sell. While you aren’t offering a TripAdvisor service on your listing, you should still talk about the local area and anything worthy of note. Distance to local schools is useful for parents, and other amenities, such as a local park, gym, or shopping centre will also be an incentive for those who care about such things when looking to move into a new area.

Extension opportunities

If you haven’t already extended your home, be that a loft conversion or a conservatory, as examples, highlight the opportunities available for those looking to do so with a property. Those with growing families will particularly find this attractive, but there are also those people who buy a home to add value for a resale later. If you have already received planning permission, but haven’t got round to doing the work yourself, highlight this in bold on the listing.

Storage space

It doesn’t matter how large or small your property is; people will always be interested in how much storage space is available. So what if you don’t have a basement or spare room to store clutter? You may have alcoves under the stairs, built-in cupboards, or shelving you have added for knick-knacks, collectables etc. Mention whatever storage space you do have available, as the ‘hidden’ areas may not be apparent on the photos you include with the listing.

Security features

Finally, we all want to be safe in our houses, right? If you have taken extra measures with security, such as stronger locks on doors and windows, or CCTV cameras around the property, make sure you mention them. Not only will this deter burglars browsing property listings for their next target, but it’s a guaranteed way to attract anybody who considers security a major priority. Hint: that’s everybody!

Is there anything we have missed off this list? Do you have other advice for anybody selling their home? Don’t be shy; we can all benefit from your expertise. Be sure to let us know.

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