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Christmas Holiday Ideas

December 1, 2014

Christmas abroad is a fantastic way of experiencing a different culture at the most magical and friendly time of year. It may be a little late in the day to organise having your Christmas abroad this year, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year – it even gives you time to save extra hard to do something truly special. So before you start looking for Family Travel Tips, you should first decide where you want to go. Here are some options to consider that will no doubt give you memories that will last a lifetime.


No Christmas holiday list would be complete without Lapland. With its log cabins and snowy forests filled with reindeer, it’s a perfect match for a December getaway. There are so many activities to keep you busy during your stay; from going dog sledging with the Huskies to stargazing in the hope of catching the Northern Lights, and everything in between. Some of the best resorts for families in Lapland even offer comprehensive packages, you don’t have to miss out on anything. Just remember to pack plenty of layers and warm clothing, as with an average temperature of -6℃, it can get rather chilly.

The Caribbean

If you’re not a fan of the cold, you may want to escape to more tropical temperatures and white sandy beaches – and no place in the world can rival the beaches in the Caribbean.If you daydream of palm tree hammocks and crystal clear warm waters, this is the place for you to spend your festive season. Nothing’s quite as romantic as seeing the spectacular sunsets with your loved one, whilst enjoying a candlelit meal right on the beach – the memory is sure to become one of your fondest. Alternatively, taking the whole family on a snorkel to see the cast of Finding Nemo will be a once-in-a-life opportunity you’re sure never to forget.

New York

We’ve all seen Home Alone 2 and wanted to join in the awe that Kevin feels when he sees the amazing Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre – and it will be all the more breathtaking in real life. If you are travelling with family in the festive season, it will be hard to pick a location with a more spectacular display of city decorations, and overly packed toys stores than New York. You can visit Central Park that may – if you’re lucky – be covered in snow, and take a tour of the city that shows you where all of the famous scenes from your favourite films were shot. You can also fully indulge in all the holiday food on offer, spend your whole paycheck in Sephora and lose your sense of smell sniffing all the festive soaps and candles in Bath and Body Works.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas – and many a daydream – to think about through next year, and with plenty of time to save, you can really consider the luxurious options for your festive trip.

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