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6 Steps to Prepare the Nursery for Baby #2

December 1, 2014

The moment you find out that you’re pregnant with your second child, the world as you know it shifts on its axis. While the experience is more familiar this time — after all, you’ve been through this before — there’s undoubtedly a sense of embarking on a whole new world.

One such area of that world that is usually in need of focus is the nursery. The first time you decorated the nursery, you didn’t really know what was a good idea, what would work out in terms of practicality, and if you were making the right decisions regarding decor and design. Now, you know exactly what you actually need. So if you intend to use the same room as the nursery again, here’s a simple, effective guide to preparing for baby number two:

Step One: Declutter As Much As You Can

All nurseries have a tendency to become homes for junk, mess, and all the things you set down once during those late-night feeds and then forgot to pick up again. A thorough declutter and de-junking is needed, so set aside some time, arrange collection from the likes of Dirt Cheap rubbish removal to save you from having to go to the tip, and throw yourself into a rubbish removing frenzy.

If you stumble across items that were bought but not used during your first pregnancy, then it’s best to throw them away or sell them on eBay. If you didn’t need the item first time around, there’s little point taking up space by keeping it. Decluttering needs to be comprehensive, so be ruthless!

Step Two: Deep Clean

You can hire a cleaner for this, or tackle the job yourself– whichever you’re more comfortable with. Clean everything, including the walls and the carpet if it needs it. Not only is this beneficial in a literal sense, but it also might help to put your mind at ease and help you feel more prepared.

Step Three: Check The Furniture 

Spend a little time checking the furniture. In most cases, you’ll be perfectly able to use the same furniture as you did for your first baby, but it’s worth an examination just in case.

Step Four: Add More Storage

If there’s one thing that prospective parents are most liable to get wrong when they first decorate a nursery, it’s the storage. You can never have too much storage for a newborn, so adding a few extra shelves or a cupboard will come in incredibly handy.

Step Five: Fix Problems You Experienced Before

If something wasn’t quite right with the nursery and you noticed it during your last pregnancy, now is the time to be able to put it right. It might be hanging new blinds for better light-fastness or adding a few extra cushions on a nursing chair to help your back; whatever it takes to help solve the problems you previously encountered.

Step Six: Wait For Your Baby!

With the nursery ready to go, you’re in good shape– now all you have to do is wait for the nursery’s occupant to arrive.

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