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6 Bizarre Post-Pregnancy Myths & Truths All New Mums Need To Know

December 1, 2014

Aside from actually giving birth and raising a child, one of the hardest parts of parenthood is dealing with all the myths and truths you read about. It seems everyone has something to say on the topic of being a parent, it’s hard to figure out what’s true and what’s a big fat myth.

If you’re currently pregnant, then you’ve probably heard loads of things about your actual pregnancy that may or may not be true. But, the myths don’t stop there, as there are plenty of things people are keen to tell you about post-pregnancy. Sometimes, these things can freak you out and make you panic about being a mum. So, I thought it would be good to run through some of the most common things you hear, and figure out if they’re a myth or the truth.

You’ll Love Being A Parent

I’m sure, so many of you have heard someone respond to your news of being pregnant with ‘awww trust me, you’ll LOVE being a parent, it’s the best’. I mean, sure, this is a nice response and they’re just trying to make you feel good, but is this technically true?

Personally, I say this is a bit of a myth. Yes, being a parent is the best thing that can happen to you, and you will grow to appreciate what it means to be a mother. However, telling people, they’ll love being a parent makes them feel bad when they don’t enjoy it or struggle. If you’re a new mum, everything that happens is completely foreign to you. A quick look at this article; The 9 Worst Things About Being A Responsible Parent, will show there are a few downsides you won’t love.

To be honest, I think a more accurate statement would be something like; awww you’re going to really appreciate how good it is to be a parent and you’ll love so much about it, but there will be hard times where you feel like you hate it and that’s perfectly okay, don’t worry! Obviously, no one is going to say that to you because it’s just a long reply to give and we like keeping it short these days. However, telling everyone, they’ll absolutely no doubt love being a parent is a bit of a myth.

Your Life Will Change Forever

This is another popular thing people say to you when you’re pregnant or have just given birth. Your life will change forever! It’s such an outlandish statement that many people almost swat it aside as though it’s just an exaggeration. Is it?

In all honesty, this isn’t a myth at all. Once you’ve had a baby, your life will be completely different to how it once was. For starters, your working life may be changed as you might take time off work for a good few years, or even forever. There are women out there that get pregnant and decide to be stay-at-home mums – which is a job worthy of the highest salary in the world, but that’s another discussion for another day! Your personal life changes as you now have a tiny human to look after and you may be unable to do things that used to be commonplace for you. Life at home drastically changes too, just every element of your life is different when you have a baby.

It’s one of those things people don’t think about until they actually have a child. Pffft no way will my life be THAT different when I have a kid, you’re just exaggerating, right? Believe me, things will change, but that isn’t a bad thing. There are so many things in this article; 42 Things That Change When You Have A Baby, that show how positive this can be to your life. You see things in a new perspective, don’t be afraid of the change, but be ready for it to happen.

You’ll Be Up All Night Long

A common warning we’re given about being a mum is that nighttime stops being a peaceful time for sleep. When a baby comes along, you’ll be up all night long, and that’s a fact. Actually, is it a fact, or is it a myth?

Again, this is one of those things that’s partly true but not entirely true. Saying you’ll be up all night long is a myth because this might not actually happen to you. Some babies have a real hard time sleeping, and they will wake you at the worst times, meaning you get no sleep at all. However, some babies just happen to be good sleepers at night. They don’t wake up very often, and your nights aren’t too disrupted.

So, what I’ll say is that you might end up with some sleepless nights, but you might not. Don’t be scared by people that say this to you as it may end up being false, it all depends on your little pride and joy. If you are struggling for sleep, maybe check out a few tips from this article; Baby Sleep Tricks: 5 Sleep-Through-The-Night Strategies.

Your Baby’s Head Will Turn Yellow

If you have friends that have given birth or you’ve done some online research, you may have heard about this claim that babies heads turn yellow after they’re born. A lot of people say this, but is there any truth to it?

Well, it may surprise you to hear that this is actually one of the few truths out there. I know, it sounds like a myth, but it’s a condition known as cradle cap. As it describes in this article; Cradle Cap: Tips For Preventing And Treating Cradle Cap, this condition happens because your baby creates too much skin oil. This leads to crusty patches on the top of their head that appear yellow in colour. It might sound quite horrific when described like that, but it’s nothing to worry about. They won’t be in any pain, it’s a common thing that most newborns experience.

The important thing is to not be freaked out if this happens to your baby. Instead, learn how to prevent the issue and treat it when you see it. It’s very easy to do, and you can’t let the dry patches stay there for too long, or they will become an issue as they get infected. So, if someone tells you your baby’s head might turn yellow after they’re born, it’s technically true!

Your Baby Will Love You From The Moment You Touch Them

For me, it’s a real nightmare to imagine a scenario where your baby just doesn’t like you. Every time you pick them up they cry, and they just don’t respond to you. I’ve seen this happen when relatives pick up someone else’s baby, but when the mother holds them, they’re quiet and feel better. It’s that famous maternal bond everyone speaks of, and the reason many people tell you your baby will love you from the moment you touch them.

Unfortunately, this is a myth. I would really love for this to be a real thing where your child is guaranteed to bond with you right away, but it’s not always the case. Some babies take a while to connect with their mother and bond with them. This is completely natural, think about being a newborn baby for a second. You have no clue what’s going on, you don’t know who your mother is, it might take time to get settled. Some will settle right away, but if they don’t, it doesn’t make you a bad parent at all – it’s natural.

I know so many mums that start to feel really depressed after pregnancy because it feels like their baby doesn’t like them. Things are even worse when the father picks them up, and they go quiet and peaceful. It makes you feel like an awful mum like something must be wrong with you. Don’t feel this way, these things can happen. My advice is to read this article; Bonding With Your Baby, as it has some good tips on how you can increase your bond and connect with your child. Try not to worry about it, the bond will come, even if it’s not immediate.

You Can Get Your Old Body Back

When you’re pregnant, one of your personal worries is that your body will never be your same. You express this feeling to your girlfriends who all tell you not to worry, you’ll get your old body back soon! It makes you feel better, but you wonder whether or not they’re just lying to stop you from getting too down. After all, your body goes through drastic changes, and you put on a lot of weight, so is this just a myth?

No, it isn’t! You can get your body back fairly easily if you do the right things. I wrote an article called 10 Healthy Habits To Start Doing Right Now, I suggest you read it and start following the advice. By living a healthy life, you can get yourself back into shape and look just as good – if not better – than you did before pregnancy.

On that note, that’s all the myths and truths I have for you today. I really hope this helps some new mums that are maybe a bit scared because of things they’ve heard from other people. Now, you know what’s the truth, and what’s a lie!


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