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5 Ways To Unwind On A Weekend

December 10, 2020

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A weekend can often feel like it is over in less than a blink of the eye. One minute you’re shutting down the work computer, the next, you’re turning it on ready for another week, and everything in between has passed by in a blur. Weekends are a precious commodity if you are working regular hours, but even if your work pattern is different, the days off you do get whenever they come are just as treasured. Here are five ways to instantly unwind, to make sure you get all the pleasure and relaxation you need from a weekend. 

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

It is easy to let the dishes and washing pile up over the week and spend your weekend doing chores. This is okay for the occasional weekend, but if this is your life, then you might feel you never get any proper downtime. Try to mark off weekends that are all about relaxation. Buy some nice candles, run a bath, look online to find where can I buy cbd oil near you, and prepare to chill out. Not every weekend needs to be filled with activity. Sometimes it is important to have a couple of days that are about pampering and indulgence. The laundry can always be done throughout a few evenings or even wait until the following weekend. Self-care should be prioritized in your downtime, whenever you need it. 

Take Some Child Free Time

Of course, weekends are invaluable for quality time with the family, but you need time for yourself too. Many of us can feel anxious that we are not giving enough as a parent, but you can’t fill your child’s cup up unless you have yours filled up too. Taking time for yourself to relax will mean that the time you do have with the kids is focused on them, their development, and building your relationship together. Remember the famous saying, it takes a village to raise a child. Rely on the support around you to help you take care of your children. Others will be happy to spend time with your kids too. If that spare hour just allows you an extra nap, or the chance to fully enjoy a coffee, your kids will feel the benefit of you being reenergized to play and look after them. 

Plan Your Activities

This might sound like it is counter to everything that has already been said, but it is not. If you spend your weekends, scratching your head wondering whether you should take your kids to the zoo or curl up and watch a movie together, that indecisiveness can eat into your downtime too. Take some time to think of activities, maybe make a pot, in which members of the family can post their suggestions. This means you will never be stuck looking for something to do, and the weather won’t thwart you because there is always a backup idea ready to go. Even planning a bath, is planning. It can be an excellent way to motivate yourself at work too, as you know the weekend will be filled with fun, adventure, or relaxation depending on what you need at the time. 

Get Outside

According to leading mental health experts, being outside has a wondrous effect on our mental wellbeing. Even if you take just a few minutes out in nature, breathing in the fresh air, this can help you feel less stressed and anxious. This in turn leaves you better prepared to take on the week ahead feeling reinvigorated. If you enjoy an outdoor sport, then the weekend can be a great time to practice. If you are more sedate, then even sitting out in the garden or taking a stroll around a park can calm you. This is even more crucial if you spend most of your working week indoors. 

Stay Active

Of course, everyone needs the odd weekend slouched on a sofa, but if this is happening every Friday night until Monday morning, you have to reevaluate things. Exercise is vital for keeping healthy both in the body and mentally. Many doctors are now prescribing exercise to combat mental health conditions. Staying active might not feel like the thing you want to do after a long week at work, but it will help you feel like your weekend has been productive and can help you build up energy reserves. An activity can alleviate stress too. Playing a sport may help you get out any tension that has built up over a tricky day at work. 

Finally, remember the weekends are for you and your family. Treasure the time and don’t get stuck in a routine. Variety is the spice of life.

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