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5 Ways To Feel Like Your Own Person (& A Mama)

February 4, 2021

Life as a mama is great! But sometimes, you may find that you lose yourself in parenting. As much as it’s a joy, it can also feel like you’re not you anymore. So it’s nice to try and get that back a little bit. Here’s 5 ways that you can do that.

1. Set Goals For Yourself

First of all, something small that you can do is to make sure that you’re setting goals for yourself and your life too. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to be thinking about what you want to achieve, and you can make it happen. Do you want to do something with your health? Start a new career? Do something with your skills and passions? This can be something fun for you to do, just for you – and it can help you feel independent again.

2. Focus On Your Career

As much as it’s really not easy for you to focus on growing a career full-time and parenting too, it can be done. Don’t feel guilty if you want a career. But also, don’t feel guilty if you want to focus on parenting and worry about your career later – that’s okay too. But if you know that you want something just for you, starting a small business could be a great idea for you. Looking to progress your career or study or do something from home can be great and help you to have that bit of independence in place too.

3. Enjoy Alone Time

It could be that you just want some alone time. Maybe you can have evenings to yourself to read or have a bath? Or maybe you are fortunate to have a childcare option so that you have some time to yourself.

4. See Your Friends

Then, when you can, it might be nice to arrange time with your friends. Even going for a walk now could work. This might be something that keeps you sane. Seeing your mum friends also gives you that time to focus on yourself as a woman and person and not just a mum.

5. Enjoy Your Relationship

It’s also a really nice idea for you to enjoy your relationship as much as possible. Intimacy is so important and helps you to stay close. So when you can, try to bring yourselves closer. Even planning little date evenings can be nice. You will want to try and avoid resorting to divorce solicitors as much as possible. And it’s nice to enjoy your relationship and be as happy as you can be too!

As much as you love your life as a mama, it’s okay (and encouraged) for you to still know who you are and be yourself as a person too. You might be this little thing’s everything, but you can also be you! So make sure that you work in any of these steps in any way that you can and you should start to feel like you have a balance and really love your #mumlife!

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