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5 Tips For 5-Star Comfort In Your Guest Room

December 1, 2014



If you often have friends or relatives staying with you, you will definitely want to make sure that they enjoy a comfortable stay with you. One thing you can do to ensure they have a peaceful stay at your house is to make sure that the guest bedroom is up to 5-star quality. These five tips can help you with that.

Quality Bed Clothes


There’s no way your guests are going to drop off easily if your bed linens aren’t quite up to scratch. It’s a good idea to invest in some good quality ones that you know you can rely on and will be able to retain their softness after a few washes. It’s a good idea to also wash all your bed clothes with fabric softener so that they stay softer for longer.


Useful Appliances


As a nice, thoughtful touch in your guest bedroom is the addition of some useful appliances. For instance, adding a hairdryer means your guest doesn’t have to bring their own or ask you to borrow yours. It’s also a good idea to add a TV and a small travel iron and ironing board. Just think whether a hotel room would include one. If the answer is yes, then your guest room needs one too!




A hotel room would also include a selection of toiletries, so it’s a nice idea to add some to your guest bedroom as well. This is necessary even if the guest room doesn’t have its own en suite bathroom. Simply leave a small selection of toiletries on a tray on top of a chest of drawers so that they can take them to the bathroom when needed. At the very minimum, you should supply shampoo, shower gel and soap.


Water Glasses


There’s nothing more annoying than having to go down to the kitchen for a glass of water during the night. So, why not add a couple of water glasses to your guest room? Your guests then only have to go to the bathroom when they need a drink. They can even fill them up before they get into bed, so they have a glass of water to sip on through the night.


Neutral Decor


It’s important that you don’t use the interior design in your guest room as a chance to show off your own style and personality. Just because a particular type of decor is right up your street doesn’t mean that your guests will like it. If it is particularly bright and bold, they might even find it slightly off putting. So, it’s important that you stick to a neutral decor when you decorate your guest room. That way, no one will find it overbearing or ugly.


Once you stick to these tips, you will find that it’s easy to bring some 5-star comfort to your guest room. You might design the room so well that your visitors might mistakenly think they’ve arrived at a hotel!


So, do you think it’s time to redesign your guest room?
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