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5 Stages I’m Not Looking Forward Too…

December 1, 2014


Children. Adorably cute, and we couldn’t live without them. But as soon as they pass baby stage and learn to talk, they will begin to grate on your nerves with some of the things they say. The following are some of the phrases that many parents will be very familiar with. You love your kids, but be honest, you may regret the day you taught them how to speak when you hear these words on a daily basis.

1. Why?

Possibly the most irritating word ever invented. Why? Because it is. Why? Because we told you so. Why? Because we know best so move on to number 2 on this list. Why? Just do it!!! You get our point. You may give your kids the simplest instruction, but when they continue to bug you with that one little word, you may begin to wonder if they have any other words in their vocabulary.

2. I’m bored

No matter how much you try and entertain your kids, they will eventually tell you they’re bored. Young children have low attention spans, so you will constantly be on the lookout for something for them to do. These days, older kids are bored of anything that doesn’t involve a screen in front of their faces. Other than hiring a nanny to give you a break for a while, you might want to tire your kids out for a bit. Indoor activity centres are great for local family days out and getting fresh air at the park, or the beach will entertain your kids. When they get home, they will soon fall asleep after their busy day. You won’t have to hear those infernal words ever again… well, for a few more hours at least!

3. I need it

Adults know the difference between needs and wants, but kids don’t quite grasp the concept. When they need something, they need it now! From the toy they see in the shop to their favourite blanket at bedtime, if they don’t have it in their hands soon, they are sure to scream the place down. The problem is, in an attempt to live a quiet life, many of us give in to their needs. Hint: don’t! It will only get worse as they get older, so stand firm and resist occasionally, unless they really do need something. In which case, give them it!

4. No!

Go to bed. No! Brush your teeth. No! Pick your toys up. No! Stop saying no. No! Aaah, such a small word but an incredibly annoying one. There are some tips here on dealing with a defiant child, so have a look to relieve your frustration. It’s funny though, don’t you think, that kids are great at saying ‘no,’ but when we reach adulthood it’s a difficult word to utter. Still, when you see your child’s pleading eyes looking up at you, it can be hard to say ‘no’ to their every demand. Oh, it looks like we have drifted back to number 3 on our list!

5. It’s not fair

Life isn’t fair, and your kids will remind you of that fact all the time. Bedtime? It’s not fair. Going to school? It’s not fair. Can’t have sweets? It’s not fair. What isn’t fair, is having to listen to your kids telling you life isn’t fair every other minute of the day. Still, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Oh, be quiet!

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