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5 Fun Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home Unique

March 5, 2021


If you want to spice up your interior this spring, why not get a few unique accessories? Rather than opting for flatpack furniture, add more of a personal touch with vintage or upcycling. Revamping your interior doesn’t even need to break the bank. You can easily create a more original look on a budget. Check out your local charity shops or have a rummage in the attic for old household items you can repurpose. You can even make your own artwork, or think of different ways to decorate your home. Here are five ways to make your home more unique.

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture will always be in style. You can create a timeless look with just one statement piece. Shop around online or find an antiques market near you. Who knows, you might even find something of value. If you choose the right piece it could end up making you money in the future. If you’re interested in flipping your investments, here are some tips on how to value vintage furniture

Original artwork

Interesting artwork creates good vibes in the home. It’s said to improve your wellbeing and reduce stress. Looking at original artwork allows you to calm your mind and gain a new perspective. It also makes a great conversation piece. You could research local artists, or even make something yourself. When choosing art, it’s a good idea to have a theme in mind. Think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Upcycled creations

Upcycling is another cool way to add an original touch to your decor. This is essentially recycling and repurposing household items. You could even do this with second-hand furniture. Why not get the whole family involved in an upcycling project? Spring is the perfect time of year to bring the outside in. You could make planters out of unused items in the house, anything from kitchenware to wellington boots. Here are some fun upcycling ideas for spring to give you inspiration.

Toys and memorabilia

For a touch of whimsy try using forgotten toys for home decor. These will make a lovely addition to your shelves and add character to any room. If you’re a fan of pop culture you could also invest in some cool memorabilia. Alternatively, create an air of nostalgia with vintage advertising and posters. With a quick Google search, you’ll find a huge selection online to choose from.

Feature plants

Go beyond a simple touch of greenery and use plants to make a statement. Some of the best indoor trees make great feature pieces. There are many unique ways you can decorate with plants. You could build a virtual garden as a feature wall, or create zones with cool collections. Shelves or even vintage carts are a great way to display your plants. A simple hanging basket made from your upcycled creations could add a nice personal touch as well. If you’re creative enough, you can find plenty of cool ways to make your home more unique this spring.

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