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Five Ultimate Gifts for a Mum to Be with The Essential One

August 13, 2018

A Nursing Sleep Bra.

Want to earn ultimate brownie points with a mummy that’s planning on nursing? Okay so heres what you need to do. Buy her a  Nursing SLEEP Bra. No, it’s not some magic voodoo that will induce sleep but it will make her a lot more comfortable. Here’s the thing. Your mum friend, she took one look at nursing bras and the £20 price tag. Her main concern was whether she needed black, white or nude. She won’t want to commit to any more than one nursing bra right now because she doesn’t know how breastfeeding is going to pan out. She did lustfully look at the Nursing Sleep Bra but decided that she’ll make do with a normal nursing bra at bedtimes. Fast forward a few weeks postpartum and your mum pal is FED UP with wearing a bra 24/7 and is seriously regretting not investing in a nursing sleep bra. If only a friend had bought her one for her baby shower… Do you catch my drift?

A Baby Blanket

Okay, so there is no such thing as too many baby blankets. I mean obviously within reason, but in those newborn days, you use them a LOT. When I was pregnant with Rory I was going to donate some blankets thinking that we had been given far too many, but then when I had him, we used all of them! We had one in the pushchair. One in the car seat. A couple in the living room. One in the baby swing. Back up blankets for spit up emergencies. We loved them.

I did, however, gravitate towards the softer ones, because hello, he’s brand new and doesn’t need a scratchy knit on that sweet soft skin!

The Essential One blankets are mind-blowingly good. They have gorgeous Instagram worthy prints that are lovely, neutral shades. They come gift packaged to perfection, saving you a job and they are SO PERFECTLY SOFT. Oh, and they machine wash well too but as the gift giver, that isn’t really your problem!

Neutral Baby Clothes

Riiiiggght. I live by a golden rule. You can NEVER have too many baby clothes! Babies make a LOT of mess. I know, it’s unbelievable but they do! Between spit up and poop we are talking a lot of outfit changes and a lot of loads of laundry. No new mum has time for that! (That also reminds me, I have a load that I need to hang out. Damn)

However, baby clothes can be quite a personal preference so you cannot go wrong with picking up a few neutral items. Some grey leggings or white cardigans will always be a winner!


There is nothing better than a baby in a sleepsuit! My biggest baby is 21 months old and I still dress him in sleepsuits (mainly because I have issues letting go – he’ll be 15 and still in a crisp, white sleepsuit if I have it my way!)

If you are buying a gift for a friend I definitely recommend buying baby clothes a few sizes up as they’ve usually covered the first sizes themselves! Sleepsuits are perfect for this as you don’t have to worry about what size the baby will be in for each season (as this can be hard to call), you can just buy them and they suit all seasons!

A Baby Hat

There isn’t a human being in the world that can resist that cuteness of a baby in a hat with a bear face or ears. FACT.

*Thank you to The Essential One for sponsoring this post.

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