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4 inexpensive activities to enjoy with the kids this summer

May 23, 2014

4 inexpensive activities to enjoy with the kids this summer

Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, we all have plenty of sun cream on and the little ones just love the freedom of exploring outside! Summer is quite possibly my favourite time of year, simply because it means we can all get out and about as a family, enjoy long days filled with new places and adventures all while making lots of memories that we’ll cherish forever. But if you’re on a budget, summer isn’t always an easy season to navigate.

With so much to do and so many places that the kids want to visit, it’s not always easy to keep ontop of your finances. Daytrips to theme parks, zoos, water parks, petting zoos, the cinema and swimming all add up – it’s times like these I wish a long lost relative would bestow all their riches and investments on me! For the latest investment information check out Golden Eagle Coins …and it’s not always easy to find activities that will keep everyone entertained at home. Well, that’s why I’ve collected 4 inexpensive activities that you can all enjoy with the little ones this summer!

Have fun!

Plant a garden

There’s still time to get out in the garden or back yard and plant a beautiful, colourful garden for everyone to enjoy. Kids love getting their hands dirty, so they’ll certainly enjoy helping dig little holes for seeds in the soil and maybe finding a worm or two! This activity is very cheap, and it also shows older children the importance of patience and how to care and cultivate something. If you would prefer more of an instant garden, then head to your local supermarket or garden centre and pick up some pretty blooms and pots to plant them in. They’ll still need plenty of water, which will keep the kids busy all summer!

Create your own water park

Who says you need to go to an expensive water park to have fun? All you need are a couple of paddling pools, a sprinkler, some water toys and even a slip and slide! The kids will love it. You could even make an obstacle course or create races for them – all under supervision of course.

Unleash their inner artist

Do you have a budding Picasso or Jackson Pollock at home? Pick up a couple of canvases or even just some large pieces of paper and let them loose with some poster paints (outside of course), whether they go for splats and splodges or try their hand at painting the flowers they’ll have hours of fun!

Pitch up

Pitching up a tent in the garden helps to fire their imaginations, it’s also somewhere to provide shelter from the hot sun and you could even have a sleepover in the garden overnight! If the children are a little small, then why not do a little star gazing instead? The children will love spotting shooting stars and writing down the names of all the constellations.

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