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38 Week Pregnancy Update

October 28, 2016

Things are all getting a bit serious now with false labour starts as well as being in a single digit countdown until d-day (due date) – I have just 8 days to go! I am really really excited, but cannot get my head around the fact that all of this is going to end in my baby… like he is going to be here really soon! I am so excited to be a mummy, but it’s just mad.

How far along: 38 weeks + 6 days

Symptoms: For the last few weeks symptoms have been very physical – there have been a lot of “is this labour?” moments as my body prepares for the grand finale. I’ve been having loads of cramps, back pain and Braxton Hicks, however, since starting maternity leave I haven’t really stopped so wonder if it’s my bodies way of telling me to slow down slightly?
Food Cravings: Anything sweet really, as I have been so active my whole maternity leave I have craved a lot of sugar as I think my body is needing additional energy.
Movement: There is a common myth with the end of pregnancy that the babies move less as they have less room, this isn’t true and you must never think that – but there is definitely a change which I think it why people get confused. The movements are less noticeable as baby can no longer kick or jab you and sometimes I have to take time out to sit and really focus on his movements to check he is okay. We are now at the stage where my bump will completely mould to the baby so if he sticks his bottom out, I get a whole new lump of bottom and back, same if he rolls a knee or an elbow it’s really clear.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Non-existant! If I am not waking up to pee, I am just awake… you definitely learn to get on with it though.
Stretch Marks: I do have some stretch marks but I don’t think I will know the full extent of how bad they are until this bump springs back a little. (if it springs back!!)
Miss Anything: Still the same as last week really. I miss my pre-baby body and being able to wear clothes that are not maternity or huge. I’ve been really lucky during pregnancy that all of my weight gain is in my bump and have kept a good figure so am happy about that, but excited to wear a nice skirt I bought in Zara too.
Best Moment: I have just got back from an afternoon with my mum where we picked up a few bits in TK Maxx and Boots for baby and my hospital bag, that has really cheered me up.
Worst Moment: There isn’t really anything to report!
Looking forward To: Meeting baby boy and quite oddly, labour in general. Seeing as it’s so touch and go at the minute that it could come at any point, I just kind of want to get on with it.

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