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37 Week Pregnancy Update

October 21, 2016

How far along: 37 weeks + 6 days

Symptoms: This week has been full of random cramps, back pain and also a LOT of pressure between my hips. My body is definitely starting to prepare for something – I’m just not quite sure how in advance it’s preparing. There has been some “lightening” which kinds of really takes my breath and just generally a lot of discomforts.
Food Cravings: No new food cravings – which is a shame as I always find them quite amusing.
Movement: Baby has started to really make some bold movements and you can tell he is running out of space. He has also started this thing at night time where he will kick off my ribs and headbutt downwards like he is planning a great escape.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Very very much disturbed! Last night I had about 3 hours sleep as I just have general pregnancy insomnia as well as not being able to sleep due to pain in my back and hips. Also, pregnancy peeing is so annoying. It’s similar to a UTI in the respect that you permanently need to go, but it’s for about 5 drops of pee. The only plus is unlike a UTI those drops don’t feel like razor blades.
Stretch Marks: YES! I cannot believe for weeks that I have been saying I don’t have any. I am currently using this secret saviour set and yesterday before I put it on I found a few stretch marks (I have put a picture on Instagram) I’m not sure if they just showed up or I was being naive. However, I quite like my little mummy badge of honour.
Miss Anything: I generally miss having a lack of control of my body – I miss being able to pick outfits and have more choice than 2 tops and a pair of leggings and I miss not understanding whether my mood is down to me or pregnancy hormones.
Best Moment: My blogger mummy pal, Kirsty had her baby FINALLY! He was a week overdue to the day and she was booked in for an induction but baby decided to do it on his own terms and arrived 5 hours before she was due to be induced. So happy for her and her little family!
Worst Moment: Sleep deprivation has been a killer today – luckily I managed to have a nap and pull it out the bag but the discomfort when trying to sleep has been hard work.
Looking forward To: Meeting baby boy!

I was sent this pregnancy calculator this week and am in love with it – from this site I have learnt a few things I didn’t know about my pregnancy already such as I did my pregnancy test on the first day it would actually show up positive. Good timing seeing as I had given up tracking my cycles in a huff with my body.

Also, the week by week breakdown of symptoms, what’s happening with your body and what’s happening with the baby is really comprehensive. I normally have to use a few apps to get the same amount of information and wish I had found this sooner! Here is what is going on at 37 weeks!

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